KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 31 – October 8

Questions and Answers from Episode 31 – October 8 of KBC Season 8
(GBBJ) In ‘Sholay’, whom did Gabbar ask “Kitna inaam rakhi hai sarkaar hum par” ?
A. Samba B. Veeru C. Kaalia D. Thakur

(40000) Which asura met his end when he was tricked into placing his own hand on his head and was burnt?
a. Narakasura b. Bhashmasura c. Banasura d. Bakasura
Ans. Bhashmasura

(80000) Which of these states has the longest international border?
a. Assam b. Nagaland c. Mizoram d. Arunachal Pradesh
Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

(1,60,000) Who among these is a forth generation mp from his family?
a. Jyotiraditya Scindia b. Varun Gandhi c. Supriya Sule d. Poonam Mahajan
Ans. Varun Gandhi

(3,20,000) In the history of ODI matches which of these teams has Zimbabwe defeated only twice, once in 1983 and later in 2014?
a. Australia b. New Zealand c. Pakistan d. Sri Lanka
Ans. Australia

(6,40,000) The iconic Ambassador introduced by Hindustan motors was modeled on which of these British cars?
a. Morris Oxford b. M G Midget c. Hillman Minx d. Wolseley 4/44
Ans. Morris Oxford

(12,50,000) The surface of which of these planets is not solid?
a. mercury b. Venus c. mars d. Jupiter
Ans. Jupiter

(25,00,000) Who was the Mughal emperor when Nadir Shah invaded India in 1739?
a. Alamgir II b. Muhammad Ibrahim c. Muhammad Shah d. Farukh Siyar
Ans. Muhammad Shah

(50,00,000) What was set up in India on the recommendations of the Hilton Young Commission?
a. State bank of India b. Reserve Bank of India c. Central Bureau of Investigation d. New Delhi as India’s capital
Ans. Reserve Bank of India

(1,00,00,000) Who piloted the first commercial civil aviation flight that took place in India, with the first official airmail service in the world?
a. Neville Vincent b. JRD Tata c. Henri Pequet d. Maurice Guillaux
Ans. Henri Pequet

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