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This page will contain all the questions from the episodes of India Quiz League (IQL) being shown on National Geographic Channel India. Go to the links below to the see questions and answers from each episode. Scroll down to see the questions being asked on their facebook page.

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Questions & Answers from IQL Indian Quizzing League on Nat Geo Channel
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Questions from the facebook page.

(1)The name ‘Deep throat’ is associated with which scandal?
a. Bill Clinton – Monica Lewinsky Scandal b. Watergate Scandal c. Profumo Affair d. UK Parliamentary Expense Scandal
Ans. Watergate Scandal

(2)Which country’s imperial seal features the Chrysanthemum?
a. China b. Japan c. Thailand d. Vietnam
Ans. Japan Imperial Seal of Japan

(3)Which of these astronauts passed away on Aug 25, 2012?
a. Kalpana Chawla b. Neil Armstrong c. Edwin Aldrin d. Michael Collins
Ans. Neil Armstrong

(4)Which of these company’s logo features two horses pulling in opposite directions trying to rip apart a pair of jeans?
a. Lee b. Lee Cooper c. Levi Strauss d. Pepe Jeans
Ans. Levi Strauss Levi Strauss Logo

(5)In which city would one find the Tahrir Square?
a. Tunis b. Rabat c. Cairo d. Tripoli
Ans. Cairo

(6)If one practices cartography, then what does he make?
a. Shopping carts b. Maps c. Compass d. Batteries
Ans. Maps

(7)Which of these is still referred to as “Biro” in some countries?
a. Scissors b. Paint Brush c. safety pin d. Ball Point Pen
Ans. Ball Point Pen

(8)Panipat had been the battlefield for more than one battle in India history. Can you tell exactly how many battles have been fought there?
a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5
Ans. 3

(9)In which of these cities would you find the Kremlin?
A. Minsk B. Moscow C. Prague D. Warsaw
Ans. Moscow. More info on Kremlin here

(10)The BCG vaccine is administered as a preventive measure against which disease?
A. Tetanus B. Tuberculosis C. Meningitis D. Hepatitis B
Ans. Tuberculosis

(11)Which of these is actually a lake?
A. Southern Sea B.Arabian Sea C. Mediterranean Sea D. Caspian Sea
Ans. Caspian Sea

(12)Which of these internet services is not owned and operated by Google?
A. Picasa B. Blogger C. Adsense D. Flickr
Ans. Flickr

(13)Which of these personalities has not won a Bharat Ratna?
A. Lata Mangeshkar B. Nelson Mandela C. Guru Dutt D. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
Ans. Guru Dutt

(14) Which of these personalities was born Deedhar Singh Randhwa?>
A. Dharmendra B. Dara Singh C. Prithviraj Kapoor D. Sohrab Modi
Ans. Dara Singh

(15) Which superhero shares his name with the name of a river, a city and a province in Turkey?
A. Batman B. Ironman C. Wolverine D. Constantine
Ans: Batman

(16) Which sport uses a ball that is dimpled?
A.Cricket B.Golf C.Hockey D.Billiards
Ans: Golf

(17) What is the colour of the Ashoka Chakra on the Indian Flag?
A. Red B. Blue C. Green D. Black
Ans: Blue

(18)Queen’s Necklace’ is in which city in India?
A.Mumbai B.Chennai C.Ahmedabad D.Kolkata
Ans: Mumbai