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Vidhya & Rajaram

Vidhya & Rajaram

My name is Rajaram Sethuraman ( Profile) and I am from India. I am married and my wife’s name is Vidhya Ganesh. We have a daughter Akshara and she has a separate website at akshararajaram.com. We currently work/live in Cyprus, an island small enough to be comfortably ignored by many map makers.We currently live in Pune (My Pune Blog), a polluted city with amazingly beautiful hills all around!

I am a Software engineer by profession and i have done my engineering degree from BITS, Pilani in India. I currently work as a Project Manager in Amdocs, one of the leading Customer Experience Solution providers.

I am not a quizzer, but i do participate in quizzes. Yes, I always participate, but never have won a stage quiz! I got hooked onto quizzing probably 9 years back, when there was the dot-com boom and there were dozens of websites offering good prizes for online quizzes.

I have won many prizes, thanks to google. But, the learning experience was what kept me addicted to quizzing. It then dawned on me, to keep oneself acquainted with quizzing, you don’t need to win quizzing events, but all that had to be done was to conduct quiz events. So, i started conducting regular quiz events at my work place and the occasional quiz post on quizzing groups. The quiz page on my original website (srajaram.com) was received very well, that i went on to create one exclusively for quizzing and puzzling.

Regarding being involved with puzzles, it started with the release of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci code. When the book was released, it was accompanied by many online puzzle/treasure hunts. I attempted all of them and got hooked to puzzling. Back in college, i had always been a fan of Mukul Sharma’s MindSport which appears in the TOI. After the “Dan Brown” experience, i conducted my first treasure/puzzle hunt in amdocs. It was received very well and went on to become an annual event in amdocs. I also conducted some logic/puzzle quiz and an english puzzle quiz. This site is also a collection of all the puzzles i have used in these competitions and many more.

I can be contacted at rajaram.sethuraman@gmail.com