KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 30 – October 7

Questions and Answers from Episode 30 – October 7 of KBC Season 8
(GBBJ) Which one of these animals moves from one place to another by hopping?
A: Hippopotamus B: Rhinoceros C: Kangaroo D: Elephant
Ans: C: Kangaroo

(40000) Which of these fruits is not rich in vitamin C?
a. lemon b. orange c. kiwi d. apple
Ans. apple

(1,60,000) Under whose captaincy did India win most number of ODI matches?
a. Muhammad Azharuddin b. Sourav Ganguly c. M S Dhoni d. Kapil Dev
Ans. M S Dhoni

(3,20,000) Which asura had a boon that whenever a drop of his blood fell on the ground, duplicates of his would be formed?
a. Raktaja b. Raktabija c. Raktansha d. Raktanga
Ans. Raktabija

(6,40,000) Which of these astronauts was not among the three who made the flight during 1969 in Apollo 11?
a. Neil Armstrong b. Edwin Aldrin c. Eugene Cernan d. Michael Collins
Ans. Eugene Cernan

(12,50,000) Who was reportedly independent India’s first voter who also voted in the 2014 elections?
a. Hira Mani b. Satyabhama Das c. Kulbhushan Sharma d. Shyam Saran Negi
Ans. Shyam Saran Negi

(25,00,000) In which county was the Chikungunia virus first detected in the 1950s?
a. Nigeria b. Angola c. Mali d. Tanzania
Ans. Tanzania

(FFF) Arrange the following in increasing order of their duration.
a. Dashak b. Saptah c. Mash d. Varas

(5000) Which of these features are you most likely to find in electronic equipments?
a. Walk mode b. Laugh mode c. Stand mode d. Sleep mode
Ans. Sleep mode

(10000) If you suffered from amnesia which of these would you most likely do?
a. Start dieting b. get angry c. forget things d. keep on dancing
Ans. forget things

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