KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 36 – October 16

Questions and Answers from Episode 36 – October 16 of KBC Season 8
(GBBJ) In Which film does a ghost fight an election, persuaded by a child called Akhrot?
A. Bhootnath B. Bhootnath Returns C. Bhoot Bangla D. Bhoot and Friends

(80000) Which of these rulers were contemporaries of each other?
a. Ashoka and Samudragupta b. Harshavardhana and Prithviraj Chauhan c. Maharana Pratap and Akbar d. Humayun and Shivaji
Ans. Maharana Pratap and Akbar

(1,60,000) According to the Ramayana which was the only ornament of Sita that Laksmana recognized, among the ones found by Sugriva?
a. Chudamani b. Bracelet c. Anklet d. Earring
Ans. Anklet

(3,20,000) The name of which of these leaders includes a title he got upon graduation?
a. Atal Bihari Vajpayee b. P V Narshimha Rao c. Lal Bahadur Shastri d. Giani Zail Singh
Ans. Lal Bahadur Shastri

(6,40,000) Who is the only Indian player to win two bronze medals at the World Badminton Championship?
a. Pullela Gopichand b. Syed Modi c. P V Sindhu d. Saina Nehwal
Ans. P V Sindhu

(12,25,000) Which candidate of the LS elections got her name from an act under which her father was jailed during the emergency?
a. Smriti Irani b. Misa Bharti c. Dimple Yadav d. Priya Dutt
Ans. Misa Bharti

(25,00,000) Which composer was also credited with other names like Annasaheb, Ram Chitalkar and Shyamoo?
a. S D Burman b. Khemchand Prakash c. Salil Chowdhury d. C Ramachandra
Ans. C Ramachandra

(50,00,000) Who was the first Indian woman to win a pilot’s license?
a. Urmila K Parikh b. Prem Mathur c. Saudamini Deshmukh d. Durba Banerjee
Ans. Urmila K Parikh

(FFF) Arrange these state capitals from east to west?
a. Ranchi b. Gandhinagar c. Agartala d. Bhopal

(5000) Which of these phrases means to be affected by an evil eye?
a. Nazar Milana b. Nazar Lagna c. Nazar Pherna d. Nezarana Dena
Ans. Nazar Lagna

(10000) Which of the following shapes would one get by rotating a compass 360 degrees?
a. triangle b. rectangle c. square d. circle
Ans. circle

(20000) Which one of the following constitutes the major population of Kerala?
a. Telegus b. Tamilians c. Malayalis d. Kannadigas
Ans. Malayalis

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