KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 35 – October 15

Questions and Answers from Episode 35 – October 15 of KBC Season 8
(GBBJ) Where did the Aam Aadmi Party form its first government in Dec 2013 ?
A. Haryana B. Himachal Pradesh C. Punjab D. Delhi

(5000) Which of these is prepared by simmering fruits in sugar water?
a. faluda b. kulfi c. kalakand d. murabba
Ans. murabba

(10000) Due to resemblance with which of these is a T-shirt named so?
a. tree b. tea cup c. the letter T d.
Ans. the letter T

(20000) Which geographical feature of India is named after the Sanskrit or Hindi word for cardinal direction?
a. Deccan b. Dooars c. Daman d. Doaba
Ans. Deccan

(80000) Which of these fabrics is named after a French dressmaker?
a. chiffon b. linen c. Crepe d. Georgette
Ans. georgette

(1,60,000) At the time of Jayadratha’s assassination in Kurukshetra war, who covered the sun to create an illusion of sunset?
a. Bhisma b. Karna c. Krishna d. Arjuna
Ans. Krishna

(3,20,000) Which new university named after an ancient center of learning in its vicinity, began its academic session in 2014?
a. Vikramshila b. Takshila c. Nalanda d. Pushpagiri
Ans. Nalanda

(6,40,000) The cinchona tree whose bark gives us quinine to cure malaria, is native to which continent?
a. Asia b. north America c. south America d. Africa
Ans. south America

(FFF) Arrange this line from the Hanuman Chalisa in the correct order.
a. gyan b. Jai Hanuman c. Gun d. Sagar

(5000) During which of these election processes is ink applied on the index finger?
a. nomination b. voting c. campaigning d. counting
Ans. voting

(10000) Which word is said loudly by a chaser in a game of kho kho when she tags another chaser?
a. Hut b. Choo c. Kho d. Aila
Ans. Kho

(40000) What is the most recognizable feature of a male lion?
a. mane b. color of tail c. size of ear d. color of nose
Ans. Mane

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