The ‘Maria Sharapova doesn’t know Sachin Tendulkar’ Quiz

Dedicated to all the morons among the Sachin Tendulkar fans.


First, some background: India has a population of over a billion. Statistically, a big number of them would be morons. Considering the reach of IT nowadays, a lot of them have access to internet. In the past they used to be lurking on the rediff forums posting filth on why North Indians are better than South Indians or vice versa. With FB being the most popular social media platform today, almost all of them are starting to appear on FB. And what do they do? Embarrass India in front of the world. This quiz is dedicated to all such morons whose only asset is their unmatched mQ (Moron Quotient).

They got an excellent opportunity to display their mQ (and also unfortunately embarrass India) recently when Maria Sharapova didn’t know who Sachin Tendulkar was. They came, they commented and they left garbage in their wake. Given below is a sampling of the waste they behind. Go over to Maria Sharapova’s FB page to see more such crap.
Maria Sharapova Sachin Tendulkar

Go ahead and take this quiz and reinforce your mQ. There is even a table given below the answers to know where you stand!

Q1. Who is Girisha Hosanagara Nagarajegowda?

Q2. What is the Chinese national Anthem?

Q3. Who is Sergei Bubka?

Q4. Who is Babe Ruth?

Q4. Who is Kenenisa Bekele?

Q1. Who is Girisha Hosanagara Nagarajegowda?
A4. No, he is not a politician from Karnataka. He is from India and an olympic medal winner! Surprised?? He won the silver medal in High Jump in the 2012 Paralympic games. First know the achievers from your country before complaining that others don’t know famous indians. It is a bigger shame for India that you don’t know Girisha than Maria not knowing Sachin

Q2. What is the Chinese national Anthem?
A1. “San Min Chu-i,Our aim shall be…”. You didn’t know this? 1.3 Billion people, around 20% of the world’s population knows this. Why not you? if you expect Maria from Russia, a non-cricket playing nation, to know about Sachin, you should definitely know the anthem of our neighbour!

Q3. Who is Sergei Bubka?
A2. The greatest pole-vaulter ever. I am sure you must be asking, “Pole-Vaulting – what is that”. Well go google. He broke his own world record 35 times. Of course, your mQ would tempt you to say that Sachin did it more number of times – every run he scores on top of the highest number of runs would count as a new record, right ?

Q4. Who is Babe Ruth?
A3. No he has nothing to do with Barbie. He was the greatest baseball player to have played the game. mQ comment: “baseball is played only in USA, cricket is played world over”. You are wrong, my friend. Even Indis has its national baseball team. When was the last time you watched a cricket match not involving any of the test playing nations? Now, with ICC being headed by you-know-who and it’s clear intentions of playing only for money, cricket around the world is going to dominish even further.

Q5. Who is Kenenisa Bekele?
A5. He is from Ethiopia (I hope you know the country Ethiopia) and is considered to be one of the greatest distance runners of all times. He is the current holder of the world and Olympic record for both the 5000 and 10000 m events. If you ever tell an Ethiopian that you don’t know Kenenisa Bekele, he won’t spam your FB page, he might just fry you up and feed you to the lions.

So, how did you do? (based on correct responses)
0: Wonderful. it is always great to perform up to expectations. You weren’t expected to do any better
>0: You cheated! mQ Comment: “I didn’t cheat, i just googled”. I am happy. There is nothing more noble in this world to impart knowledge to the “unknowledgeable”. Thanks to you i have had this opportunity.

Note: I am also a Sachin fan. I love his game and i love the game too. But i would never do anything like what you guys have done which would embarrass the little master.

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