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These were the questions as part of a Tech Quiz i did for the second installment of BYOC (BYOC 1 here).

Warm-up (Fun questions for the audience)

1) When Alexander Bell first used his telephone, he realised he already had two ___ ____ from Rajinikanth. What? Missed Calls

2) Rajnikanth’s next movie is called Twitter. How many characters does he play in the movie? He plays 140 characters.

The questions are a mix of questions for kids and regular ones. I kept jumping between the kids and the adults to ask questions. (k) is for kids, (g) are general questions.

Most helicopters have two sets of rotors (blades). The one on top is the main one which gives the forward/upward thrust. What is the smaller one at the back needed for?


Newton’s law, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So, to prevent the helicopter from rotating on its vertical axis

Due to nature of X’s work, X’s papers dating from the the 19th century are considered too dangerous to handle. They have to be kept in lead lined boxes, and can only be handled using protective clothing. Id X.
Marie Curie

If i ask you to identify the person by showing the photograph, you would surely identify him. But i will ask it in a different way. It was the this person’s 72nd birthday and there was a party. He was surrounded by cameramen as he was a celebrity and they all wanted pics of him. When he was about to leave the party, they still were asking for photos. He got very frustrated and put his tongue out. This is how we got the famous photo of him with his tongue out. Who?
Albert Einstein

This IT company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The founders tossed a coin to decide the order of the surnames and then named the company.
Hewlett Packard

How do we better know “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” which is sometimes described as a reverse Turing test ? Captcha

(k) In which 2009 Hindi film would you come across real inventions like scooter flour mill, cycle-based sheep shaver and pedal-driven washing machine? 3 idiots

(g) The Harrier is a classic example of a VTOL aircraft. What does VTOL stand for? Vertical Take off and landing

In olden days, Pipes were mostly made of lead and hence the english word for this activity is derived from the latin name of lead. Which activity?
Plumbing from Plumbum

(k) When working on a computer, if u leave it idle for a while, a moving picture or a video starts appearing. What do we know this as ? Screensaver

(k) What would a doctor ask you to take to see if there is a problem in your bones? XRay

(g) This is a brand developed by Unilever which shares its name with the SI unit of illuminance and luminous emittance measuring luminance flux per unit area.Id the brand. Lux

(k) What would you use if you wanted to see faraway birds a bit closer? Binocular

(k/g) The first of the ancient olympics was held around 776 BC. What was used to deliver the results of the games to Athens? Pigeons

(g)Camels sway from side to side because they move both legs on one side at the same time, elevating that side. This is called pacing, a motion which can make the rider feel uneasy. Because of this, camels have a term associated with them. Which term? Ship of the desert

(g) Images seem to move fast in this type of photography/videography. This is because images are captured at a slower rate than the usual 25/30 frames per second e.g. 1 frame a second. When it is played back at normal speed, it appears tomove fast. What is the term for this?
Time Lapse
Opposite of this? Slow Motion/high speed photography where images are captured at higher e.g. 120 frames per sec.

(g) Cape Canaveral in Brevard County, Florida has the area code 321. Why? The code refers to the countdown sequence

(g) Dewang Mehta was the head of NASSCOM until 2001. He wanted the benefits of IT to make its way down to the grass root levels and his favorite slogan, “roti, kapada, makan, X and Y” epitomized the needs of the emerging, 21st century Indian. Both start with B.
Bijli and Bandwidth

(K) In India we use this word without the prefix motor. Many of you may have used a toy version of it where you have to stand on it on one leg and push with the other. Which word/vehicle? Scooter

(g) Which word is derived from a Czech word for forced labour? Robot from Robota

There was a guy George de Mestral who went hunting with his dog and when he came back he saw this on his dog. For what invention did he get an idea from this? Velcro

(g) The origin of this is supposed to be from French for either a “lock mechanism” or a “tool”. gadget

(g) What is the name given to the technology which uses pixel oversampling techniques to shoot images at very high resolutions and then reduce them to smaller resolutions thus achieving a much higher picture definition than normally possible? Clue: Nokia 41 MP smartphone.PureView

(g) The image below gives the name of a famous hardware manufacturer. Who? Western Digital

(k) You have recently purchased a 32 inch TV. Which of the measures is actually the 32 inch measurement (approximately)? Diagonal

(k) Using what rays does the remote control make contact with the television? Infra Red

(k) Do you use the internet ?WWW in an internet address – world wide web

(g) An ebook version of Leo Tolstoy’s book War and Peace was first created on the Amazon platform. Then the same ebook was also released on Barnes & Noble’s platform. A “Find & replace” of a particular word was done to edit the book for the new platform. But this was accidentally done on the contents of the entire book rather than just the introduction. This created a controversy of sorts, but it was concluded that it was all because of an innocent “find & replace”. Which was the word replaced and by what word?
Kindle by Nook, so kindled became nookd.

(g) Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 runs for 74 minutes. This duration is significant because it was the standard used for something. What?
Audio CD. founder of Sony, Akio Morita was a huge fan of Beethoven. He wnated to fit entire Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 on one CD.

(k) In the early part of the 20th century, many people were employed to do manual mathematical calculations required in many industries. They were called “X”, historically the first use of this word. Identify X. Computers

(g) The starting blocks used in the London Olympics, particularly for the sprints, had very sensitive electronic circuits which could detect even minor muscular twitches in the leg. What was the primary purpose of this circuitry? False Starts

(k) On phones with physical keys, the number 5 always has some kind of an indent/depression which makes it different from the other keys. Why? For the aid of blind people

(k) What do you get by combining the words “elements” and “picture”? Pixel

(g) The image below has been stuck on a printer. The text says “Please do not print large ____”. What word is missing? Jobs

(g) The inspiration to start this company came after the founder was charged late fees for returning a rented copy of Apollo 13 after the due date/. Wich company? Netflix

(k) Based on the request of a publishing company, Sackett-Wilhelms, what was invented to keep the temperature and humidity low, so that the paper used did not expand/contract with the fluctuating temperature. AC

(g) Which instrument was invented by the Chinese and was originally used by practitioners of Feng Shui and was regarded as an accessory for leading a spiritual life? Compass

(k) Expand LCD. liquid crystal display

(g) Expand LED. Light Emitting Diode

(k) The term derives its meaning from the French for ‘defense against fall’ One of the earliest depictions comes from the work, Codex Atlanticus of Leonardo da Vinci. That was around the year 1485. (If a man has a structure made out of coated cloth 12 arms wide and 12 tall, he will be able to throw himself from any great height without hurting himself.)
Parachute. prefix para meaning ‘defense against’ and the word chute meaning ‘fall’.

(k) What does Unique identification authority of India give everyone? Aadhar Card

(g) Older touch screens , u can use a ballpoint pen, but in the newer ones, you cannot. What is the difference?
Resistive and Capacitive touch screens difference.

(g) This is malus_domestica. What was named after its colloquial name? McIntosh

(k) If sending a communication through computers is called email, what is this called (a regular letter) ? Snail Mail

(g) Why is 14th March celebrated as the World Pi Day? 3.14

(k) Difference between earphone (also known as earbuds) and headphones

(g) Which indian telecom company’s logo resembles a telephone? MTNL

(g) An earlier version of which device was invented by Alexander graham bell in an attempt to find the bullet in US president james Garfield’s body in 1881? Metal Detector
Alexander Graham Bell devised a metal detector specifically for the purpose of finding the bullet lodged inside Garfield, but the metal bed frame on which Garfield lay made the instrument malfunction.

(g) In 2005, Monopoly introduced a variant of the game where you had to use what in place of traditional paper money? Visa card.

(g) If you are travelling on the road, why would you fear the most common application of Doppler effect?
Speed guns Used in modern traffic control to detect speeding motorists.

(k) Which company’s name is a combination of the words ‘software’ and ‘microcomputer’? Microsoft

(k) What is the device which measures the distance traveled by a vehicle. Odometer

(k) Expand SMS -Short message service

(k) What are Astronauts from Russia known as? Cosmonauts

(g) CT stand for in CT Scan – computerised tomography (uses xrays)

(g) This is a snapshot from the “People Pane” appearing at the bottom of Outlook 2010. If an user doesnt have a profile photo, a generic photo (shown below) is displayed. It is rumoured that this is a silhouette of a famous person from a photo taken when he was arrested for a driving offense many many years back. Who? Bill Gates


(g) What is blanked out? Flash

(k) Mitch was the founder of this company and was also a yoga teacher. It is said that he named his company after his favourite yoga position. Which company? Mitch Kapoor. Lotus.

(g) Borland, a competitor of the above company named their product “Quattro Pro”. It is said that they named it after the Italian word “Quattro” meaning “four” so that they can say that it is one better than their competitor’s product X. What was X ? Lotus 1-2-3

(g) SUV, MUV, What is Ertiga’s LUV? Life utility vehicle

(g) What does IVR stand for w.r.t telecommunication industry? Interactive voice response

(g) On twitter, what sign precedes the username?@

(k/g) What product, used commonly with beverages was invented by Martin Chester Stone in USA in 1886? Straw

(g) With reference to water purifiers, what does RO stand for? reverse Osmosis

(g) According to mark Zuckerberg,what innovation in Facebook is ‘the story of your life’? Timeline

(k) Cecil booth, in an effort to popularize his invention was on the lookout for jobs to display its capability. One of his very first jobs was to clean the carpet running down the center of Westminister Abbey in preparation for the coronation of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1902. The world saw it and his invention became famous. Which invention? Vacuum Cleaner

(g) “The 21 Steps” is a fast-paced, finely-tuned thriller that uses X X to take the reader through the story’s events. Written by an author famous forspy thrillers, Charles Cumming, the story is told through _ _ with brief statements and images that take the reader from the streets of London to Edinburgh, Scotland with plenty of action and mini-cliffhangers along the way.
Google Maps

(g) To whom did the American Farm Bureau sell their domain name for $8.5 million on 15 november 2010? Facebook

(g) Which japanese electronics manufacturer got its name from a mechanical pencil, one of the first inventions made by its founder? Sharp

(k) What item of daily use is tracked by the websites and Tracking currency notes

(g) Which engineering company was started in 1894 as collaboration betweem Tata Sons and Volkart Brothers? Voltas

(g) Which rock band supposedly takes its name from two forms of electric charge movement? AC DC

(g) What is Egosurfing? Searching your own name on the internet.

(g) BrickFest, Brickworld and BrickCon are conventions for grown-up fans of which company? Lego

(g) An early form of what was first produced as the ‘sulphuretted peroxide strikables’? Matchsticks

(g) By what name do we better know the third audio layer format designed by the Moving Picture Experts Group? MP3

(g) What is the name of the game? Modi Run

(g) This is a piece of mineral rock that’s called Armalcolite. It is a titanium-rich mineral with the chemical formula (Mg,Fe2+)Ti2O5. How did it get its name? Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins

(k/g) Name this laptop , it can be made into different shapes/positions.Yoga

(k/g) Statue dedicated to? Pythogoras

(g) X  purchased a stereo system and was disappointed with its performance. This led him to research the importance of reverberant (indirect) sound on perceived audio quality. Valued at $ 2.28 billion, the majority of the firm’s share was donated to Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2011 by X for scope of better research. Amar Bose

(k/g) The shape of this product is modelled after a hyperbolic paraboloid.This design characteristic is beneficial as it helps keep the product from breaking during distribution by eliminating lines of stress along which a small crack may easily propagate. Further, it keeps a stack of the product tightly interlocked or nested during distribution. The name of the product came from a street in Cincinnati. The name was chosen simply for its sound and appeal. Pringles

(k/g) What gadget’s name is supposedly derived from the names of these shapes? Xbox 360

(g) This has to be done to achieve what? Zero gravity flights

(k) Identify the gadget. Typewriter.

(k) Identify the gadget. Walkman

(g) This is a robot built primarily with Lego Mindstorms and a Samsung Galaxy S2 to do what? CubeStormer II, so solve rubiks cube

(g) What did he first create? Professor Scott Fahlman, first created 🙂 hieroglyphic when he included it in an email on Sep19th, 1982

(g) Identify the component. Dynamo

(g) Something on the internet is owned by the country of Tuvalu and is an important source of income for the country. What? .Tv domain

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