KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 24 – September 25

Questions and Answers from Episode 24 – September 25 of KBC Season 8
GBBJ Question: Which of these Union Territories has the same name as that of its capital?
A: Lakshwadeep B: Dadra and Nagar Haveli C: Andaman and Nicobar Islands D: Chandigarh
Ans: D:CHandigarh

(20000) With reference to fashion and clothing what are loafers and sneakers types of?
a. belts b. shoes c. t-shirts d. sunglasses
Ans. shoes

(40000) Which road connects Rastrapati Bhawan to India gate and National stadium in New Delhi?
a. Janpath b. Race course road c. Parliament street d. Rajpath
Ans. Rajpath

(1,60,000) What is the format of the world Kabaddi League broadcast on Sony Six?
a. circular b. hexagonal c. rectangular d. triangular
Ans. circular

(20000) Which of these phrases would be used for a person who comes in between two lovers?
a. daal me kala b. chawal me kankar c. doodh me pani d. kabab me haddi
Ans. kabab me haddi

(40000) In which of these films was the name of the lead character same as its title?
a. Parineeta (2005) b. Sharmilee(1971) c. Chandni(1989) d. Bandini(1963)
Ans. Chandni(1989)

(80000) Which of these is a traditional layered Goan dessert?
a. Bondla b. Bebinca c. Benaulim d. Baga
Ans. Bebinca

(1,60,000) Srinagar city is situated on the banks of which river?
a. Sutlej b. Tapi c. Jhelum d. Tawi
Ans. Jhelum

(3,20,000) Which of these awards is not named after a person?
a. Nobel Prize b. Pulitzer Prize c. Magsaysay Prize d. Grammy Awards
Ans. Grammy Awards

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