KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 23 – September 24

Questions and Answers from Episode 23 – September 24 of KBC Season 8
GBBJ Question: The playing area of which of these sports has a net dividing it in the centre?
A: Squash B: Basketball C: Rugby D: Volleyball
Ans: D:Volleyball

(3,20,000) According to the Mahabharata, due to the curse of whom did Karna not use his weapons during the last moments of his life?
a. Parashurama b. Dronacharya c. Bhisma d. Krishna
Ans. Parashurama

(6,40,000) Which company got its name because people in villages began to call S K Burman as Daktar?
a. Cipla b. Zylus c. Dabar d. Ranbaxy
Ans. Dabar

(12,50,000) Who was the first among these to become a chief minister?
a. Rajinder Kaur Battal b. Sushma Swaraj c. Rabri Devi d. Jayalalita
Ans. Jayalalita

(5000) Which of these is generally made inside a tandoor?
a. Kachori b. naan c. rumali roti d. batura
Ans. naan

(10000) According to a Hindi proverb which of these also has ears?
a. Chhat b. Baranda c. Kothri d. Deewar
Ans. Deewar

(20000) Which international cricketer has a first name that means peak?
a. Dravid b. Dhoni c. Dhawan d. Dinda
Ans. Dhawan

(80000) Which territory held a referendum for independence from the United Kingdom on 18th September 2014?
a. England b. Northern Ireland c. Scotland d. Wales
Ans. Scotland

(1,60,000) Whom did Amit Shah replace as president of the Bharatia Janata Party in 2014?
a. Nitin Gadkari b. Lal Krishna Advani c. Arun Jaitley d. Rajnath Singh
Ans. Rajnath Singh

(3,20,000) Where were the IIFA awards held in 2014?
a. Toronto, Canada b. Tampa, USA c. Las Vegas, USA d. Macau, China
Ans. Tampa, USA

(6,40,000) According to Indian epics, who among these did not meet his death at the hands of another?
a. Vidura b. Kumbhakarna c. Shravan Kumar d. Putana
Ans. Vidura

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