KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 22 – September 23

Questions and Answers from Episode 22 – September 23 of KBC Season 8
GBBJ Question: Which of these terms does not mean night?
A: Nisha B: Rajani C: Meena D: Rain

(25,00,000) Which of these derives its name fro. a river in the Democratic republic of Congo?
a. Chikungunia virus b. Lassa fever c. Ebola virus d. Salmonella bacteria
Ans. Ebola virus

(50,00,000) Who among the following wrote under the pen name Akhtar Piya?
a. Begum Akhtar b. Wajid Ali Shah c. Amir Khusro d. Bahadur Shah Zafar
Ans. Wajid Ali Shah

(1,00,00,000) Which industrialist set up Hindustan Aircraft Limited in association with the state of Mysore?
a. Sir Ness Wadia b. J R D Tata c. Lala Kailashpath Singhania d. Seth Walchand Hirachand Doshi
Ans. Seth Walchand Hirachand Doshi

(FFF) Starting with the closest, arrange these places according to their distance from Kanyakumari.
a. Chennai b. Bhubaneshwar c. Hyderabad d. kolkata

(5000) Which of these means ‘museum’?
a. Girjaghar b. Ajayaghar c. Chiriaghar d. Ghantaghar
Ans. Ajayaghar

(10000) If someone is standing facing the sun early in the morning in Mumbai, in which direction will their shadow fall?
a. East b. West c. North d. South
Ans. West

(20000) Which of these computer devices is found in the market in capacities of 4 GB, 8GB and 16 GB?
a. monitor b. headphones c. mouse d. pen drives
Ans. pen drives

(80000) Which of these creatures mainly lays eggs though some of its species also gives birth to young ones?
a. lizards b. bats c. kangaroos d. rats
Ans. lizards

(1,60,000) In which of these states did the BJP win all the seats for the current lok Sabha?
a. Haryana b. Chartisgarh c. Himachal Pradesh d. Jharkhand
Ans. Himachal Pradesh

(GBJJ) In mythology who was the wife of Kamdeva?
a. Rati b. Menaka c. Sandhya d. Chhaya
Ans. Rati

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