KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 21 – September 22

Questions and Answers from Episode 21 – September 22 of KBC Season 8
GBBJ Question: Which of these religious festivals isnot celebrated annually?
A: Ganesh Chaturthi B: Maha Kumbh C: Dussehra D: Maha Shivratri
Ans: B: Maha Kumbh

(80000) Which of these rivers flows through India and another country?
a. Yamuna b. Ravi c. Narmada d. Sabarmati
Ans. Ravi

(1,60,000) Who is the only Indian prime minister whose signature is found on currency notes?
a. Indira Gandhi b. Morarji Desai c. Manmohan Singh d. Inder Kumar Gujral
Ans. Manmohan Singh

(FFF) Starting with the earliest, arrange these cricketers according to their ODI debut.
a. Yuvraj Singh b. Stuart Binny c. Suresh Raina d. Sourav Ganguly

(5000) Which of these would you find written on cigarette packets sold in India?
a. smoking thrills b. smoking drills c. smoking chills d. smoking kills
Ans. smoking kills

(10000) On the world map which of these elements does the color blue represent?
a. plains b. mountains c. roads d. water bodies
Ans. water bodies

(40000) In the Gregorian calendar, which of these years will have 29 days in February?
a. 2015 b. 2016 c. 2017 d. 2018
Ans. 2016

(80000) Who is the author of the books TRAIN TO PAKISTAN and COMPANY OF WOMEN?
a. Salmaan Rushdie b. Khushwant Singh c. Jhumpa Lahiri d. Mulk Raj Anand
Ans. Khushwant Singh

(1,60,000) Which of these is a unit of measurement named after an English scientist?
a. Joule b. Candela c. Radian d. Mole
Ans. Joule

(3,20,000) Which is the largest lok sabha constituency in the country in terms of area?
a. Barmer, Rajasthan b. South Goa c. Ladakh d. Sikkim
Ans. Ladakh

(6,40,000) In which sporting event did India win the most number of gold medals in the 2014 Commonwealth games?
a. shooting b. weightlifting c. wrestling d. boxing
Ans. wrestling

(12,50,000) Who was the ruling governor general of India when the power was transferred from the east India company to the British crown?
a. Lord Lytton b. Lord Curzon c. Lord Irwin d. Lord Canning
Ans. Lord Canning

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