KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 46 – Nov 5

Questions and Answers from Episode 46 – Nov 4 of KBC Season 8
(GBBJ) Which of these cities is not the capital of any state in India?
A. Guwahati B. Shillong C. Raipur D. Ranchi
Ans: A. Guwahati

(50,00,000) From where did the Supreme Court of India originally function for 8 years before to its present building?
a. Irwin Amphitheatre b. Rashtrapati Bhavan c. Metcalfe House d. Parliament House
Ans. Parliament House

(FFF) Starting with the north and moving clockwise arrange these film titles according to the cities mentioned in them?
a. Chennai Express b. Delhi Belly c. Mumbai Mirror d. Banaras

(5000) When someone sends you an email in which folder of your email account will it usually land?
a. drafts b. sent mail c. inbox d. trash
Ans. inbox

(10000) Which of these films is based on the life of a 5 times world championship winner?
a. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag b. Paan Singh Tomar c. Saaheb d. Mary Kom
Ans. Mary Kom

(40000) The outbreak of which of these diseases is triggered by the rainy season?
a. HIV Infection b. dengue fever c. tuberculosis d. chicken pox
Ans. dengue fever

(80000) Which of these freedom fighters shot himself with his last bullet while fighting the British in Allahabad’s Alfred Park?
a. Udham Singh b. Chandra Sekhar Azad c. Ashfaqulla Khan d. Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi
Ans. Chandra Sekhar Azad

(1,60,000) What is the escape velocity required for a rocket to leave earth?
a. 1.6km/sec b. 9.4km/sec c. 11.2km/sec d. 15.9km/sec
Ans. 11.2km/sec

(3,20,000) In which county is the historic city of Bukhara?
a. Uzbekistan b. Afghanistan c. Turkmenistan d. Kazakhstan
Ans. Uzbekistan

(FFF) Arrange these words of a Hindi proverb in the right order
a. padna b. akal c. par d. parda

(5000) What are LCD, LED, plasma with reference to television?
a. Display screens b. set top boxes c. remotes d. lens
Ans. Display screens

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