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The quizzing bug has also hit twitter bigtime. Kweezzz holds daily quizzes on various topics. Check out their facebook page for the complete schedule. Kweezzz was also mentioned on TOI recently and this would have contributed to a big increase in their followers. To participate in their quiz, all you have to do is to follow @kweezzz and start answering questions. That’s it. Many quizzers conducts these quizzes and the questions can be found on the twitter page. But the problem is that almost all the questions have external links and browsing them is difficult. So, the aim of the kweezzz pages is to document each of these wonderful quizzes for all to enjoy.

Asterix Quiz

  • What is the name of Edifis’ ship?  A1. The Nastiupset
  • Name the lookout on Timandahaf’s ship. A2. Toocleverbyhaf
  • Obelix gets a little brainwave just before leaving for Corsica with Chief Boneywasawarriorwayayix. What is it? A3. He ‘gifts’ Dogamatix to Boney so that he doesn’t have to carry him around.
  • Who is the Roman goddess depicted in this picture? A4. That was Diana, the goddess of the Hunt.
  • This quote is being used to refer to which character? “I fear the Greeks even when they bear gifts?” A5. “Tragicomix with a T, as in Timeo danaos et dona ferentes”. The tablet finder and Garrulus Vinus both say it.
  • Q6. Two famous comic strips are featured on a news-tablet that Artifis is reading when Asterix and Obelix visit him. Which ones?A6. Pnuts (Peanuts) and Tarzan
  • Q7. In Spain, Asterix, Obelix, Pepe & Dogamatix hire a cart from ____. I want the name of the dealer. A7. Nodeposition el Sodasiphon. The Michelin man only helps them change a wheel in Switzerland.
  • Q8. This panel refers to a poem by a famous poet. Name both. A8. On Poetry: A Rhapsody by Jonathan Swift.
  • Q9. What business does Insalubrius’ father own? A9. Lace Factory.
  • Another simple one. Which characters are being referred to? A10. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.
  • Q11. In Germany, Asterix and Getafix play a game when imprisoned. What is this game called today? A11. They play Quinquerems and Galleys. Today it is called Battleship
  • Q12. What is peculiar about Gracchus Armisurplus, the centurion in Gladiator and Lotuseatus, the centurion in Banquet? A12. They look the same.The only instance a Centurion repeats in 2 comics in the French version-Gracchus Nenjetepus.Name changes in English
  • Q13.Uderzo makes a rare mistake when Asterix is on his way to the Roman garrison from Dispsomaniax’s pub to find the missing barrel. What? A13. Britons drive on the left side of the road. The panel shows Dipsomaniax’s cart and the Double decker cart driving on the right
  • .At Suindinum, Asterix and Obelix are unable to find a bed due to some reason. If they were to visit it at the same time this year, what can they expect to witness? A14. The Le Mans 24 hours.
  • Q15. In Asterix and the Banquet, the duo’s itinerary mimics that of a famous event. Which one? A15. Tour De France
  • Spartakis in ‘All at sea’ is a reference to which famous actor? A1. Kirk Douglas
  • A character references a famous landmark in Belgium. Which landmark? A2. Mannekin Pis.
  • Name the kid who spots Cacofonix being captured by the Romans in Gladiator. Picanmix
  • Q4. What is Latin for wild boar? A3. Singularis Porcus
  • My first is a hundred, my second is a sign of the Zodiac,my third is a Hibernian, my fourth is the Egyptian god of Sun and Julius Caeser loves my whole. Who am I? Cleopatra
  • Connect a F1 race victory and Asterix and the Banquet. Mumms Champagne from Riems, the home of champagne. The brand is used on the F1 victory podium. If you look closely, all amphoras have the signature Mumm’s Red stripe.
  • How does Asterix win an Olympic wreath despite coming last in the race? Others have magic potion with an additive which makes their tongues blue.Only Asterix doesn’t, and hence the others get disqualified for doping.
  • How many real-life musicians are referenced in Asterix comics? Name them too,  Beatles and the Rolling stones (menhirs).

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