Kweezzz Madras-Chennai Quiz

The quizzing bug has also hit twitter bigtime. Kweezzz holds daily quizzes on various topics. Check out their facebook page for the complete schedule. Kweezzz was also mentioned on TOI recently and this would have contributed to a big increase in their followers. To participate in their quiz, all you have to do is to follow @kweezzz and start answering questions. That’s it. Many quizzers conducts these quizzes and the questions can be found on the twitter page. But the problem is that almost all the questions have external links and browsing them is difficult. So, the aim of the kweezzz pages is to document each of these wonderful quizzes for all to enjoy.

Madras Quiz conducted by @lavsmohan

  • My dear kudimagans and kudimagals, tell me, what does TASMAC stand for? Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation
  • I know I look bad and Imma let you finish but I was the smartest ship OF ALL TIME! Who am I?
    SMS Emden
  •  Name the first airconditioned theatre in Chennai. Shanti Theatre
  • Chennai Madras Kus. 9841072571. P.James Magic Show
  • Mildly cryptic. “The angry bull is very close to the mother”. Which area am I talking about? Yes, the answer is Poes Garden. Angry bull being Murattu Kalai – Rajni and The mother being..the mother.
  • Identify the station.

    Light House
  • The recently inaugurated library, the yet to be opened secretariat have something in common with an older but highly prominent structure in the city. Name the structure, and what’s common between them. A: The answer I was looking for was SAME CONTRACTOR! East Coast Constructions India Limited.
  • Car:Accent::Bike:_______. A: So TVS Apache it is. We are talking police vehicles
  • Keera vadai. Keera vadai is = karpagambal mess. Keera vadai is equal to karpagamabal mess but brain masala is equal to what? The answer is Velu Military Mess. World famous
  • The non renewal of this Landmark’s 99 yr old lease was followed with much media hype and the landmark’s eventual death. Name the lessor.A:  The landmark was undoubtedly Woodlands but I had asked for the LESSOR. The Lessor was the Agro Horticultural Society right opposite
  •  Established in 1884, I had called for an order to evict all the German members following the onset of WW I, only to find out that they had already fled. Who am I? Yesss. Gymkhana Club was indeed guilty of that historical bulb.
  •  “There is a gentleman in the central station”. Identify the college. A: the answer is Ethiraj – from the song chikku bukku rayile from gentleman. “indha ponnenna padipadhu ethiraj-a”
  • Connect: Santhome and Shakila. Which place am I talking about? A: Parangimalai = St. Thomas Mount = Santhome. And Shakila, well. heh.
  • When you catch an auto, how much over the metre fare does the auto man ask you for? Rs. 10 or Rs.20? “Meter ot metre” ? No metre only, from where metre fare?
  •  If I wanted to go to the airport through the local trains, my best bet would be buying a ticket to the Meenambakkam station. Yes/No? A: Tirusulam, which is riight opposite the airport!
  •  Connect again: Kamadhenu, Ram and Raja Muthiah. Peepeepee Dumdumdum, Marriage halls indeed, although Kamadhenu and Ram were previously cult theatres
  • Give me the pincode for DoomingKuppam. A: 600004, Dooming kuppam is in Santhome

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