Ayodhya Verdict Quiz – With prizes

Now that everyone is talking about the Ayodhya Verdict, how many of us really know beyond the obvious things involved in the verdict. This quiz is a test of how much you googled yesterday to know the details of the verdict. Of course, there are prizes for the knowledgeable ones as well as the ones who take the time to Google.

Like the verdict, the entire prize bucket of 100 rupees will be split 3-way, 33 rupees each for the three winners and the extra 1 rupee would go to any of the below depending on public vote.

  • To Kalmadi, as he has anyway been taking a commission on any transaction happenning in the past few months
  • To Mayawati, as she desperately needs funds for the state after consuming them all on statues of elephants and humans.
  • To Darkha Butt of NondiTV, to buy HALLS for the sore throat she would have got after the incessant shouting yesterday

Ok, now to the quiz. Leave your answers in the comments section. If two people have the same score, the one who submitted earlier would get the preference.

  1. The verdict is a 3 way split between the Muslims (Sunni Waqf board), Hindus (Ram Lalla)  and who?
  2. What is the legal term associated with Deoki Nandan Agarwal who represented Bhagwan Sri Ram Virajman ?
  3. Who was the actor whose name was competing for the top few spots on twitter and google trends yesterday along with terms associated with Ayodhya?
  4. Which are the cities in Thailand and Indonesia named after Ayodhya?
  5. The excavations carried out by ASI uncovered various artifacts at the disputed site including a 12 foot statue of who?
  6. Who is he and why is he in the news?
  7. Ayodhya lies on the bank of which river?
  8. Who is the judge who was in the news a lot because he is retiring today?
  9. What according to the judges happened on the nights of December 22/23, 1949?
  10. Message on Twitter: Dear X,Y,Z. Today, I am not worried if India will behave responsibly. It is the 3 of you i am worried about. Identify X,Y and Z.
  11. Why is the Supreme Court judgement of Ismail Farooqui relevant to yesterday’s verdict?
  12. Connect Chandresh Pandey, the Makrana mines in Rajasthan and yesterday’s verdict.
  13. Who should the leftover 1 Rupee go to ?

All the best.


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