KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 13 – September 8

Questions and Answers from Episode 13 – September 8 of KBC Season 8

(6,40,000)Which of these advocates has held the post of solicitor general in India?
a. Mahesh Jethmalani b. Abhishek Singhvi c. Prashant Bhushan d. Gopal Subramanium
Ans. Gopal Subramanium

(12,50,000)Which of these places got its name from a local word for mangrove trees?
a. Madhubani b. Vrindaban c. Sundarbans d. Missouri
Ans. Sundarbans

(25,00,000)Which of these is a swimming event for the Olympic games?
a. single sculls men b. 10m platform men c. 10km marathon men d. Omnium women
Ans. 10km marathon men

(FFF)Arrange these holy places from west to east
a. Bodh Gaya b. Vatican city c. Haridwar d. Mecca

(5000)If you achieve the highest title in chess what would you be called?
a. little master b. master blaster c. grand master d. Zen master
Ans. grand master

(10000)The iconic film Sholay was converted into which format and re released in 2013?
a. Imax 7D b. 3D c. 7D d. Cinerama
Ans. 3D

(40000)Which of these words mean student or disciple in Arabic?
a. Mureed b. Marhaba c. Murshid d. Martaba
Ans. Mureed

(FFF)From the earliest to the latest, arrange these Salman Khan movies according to the year of release?
a. Karan Arjun b. Maine Pyar Kiya c. Dabangg d. Kick

(5000)According to a Hindi proverb, a crow pretends to be something by imitating what?
a. Khargosh b. ullu c. hans d. kacchua
Ans. hans

(10000)Which of these rituals is related to marriage and pregnancy?
a. Chool chatai b. munh jathai c. naak katai d. god bharai
Ans. god bharai

(20000)Which of these is famous for audacious attacks on poisonous snakes?
a. Crow b. Mongoose c. monkey d. turtle
Ans. Mongoose

(40000)Which of these words features in the name of an IPL team?
a. Punjab b. Sindh c. Gujarat d. Maratha
Ans. Punjab

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