KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 28 – October 2

Questions and Answers from Episode 28 – October 2 of KBC Season 8
(GBBJ) In hindi grammar, what type of words are Apple, Banana and Mango?
a. Sarvnaam b. Kriya c. Sangya d. Vislesan

(640000) Which ancient king got the title of Ashwamedha-Parakramah after performing the ‘Ashwamedha Yajna’?
a. Pulakesin II b. Ajatashatru c. Bindusara d. Samudragupta
Ans. Samudragupta

(1250000) Which of these personalities has been often referred to as the ‘poorest chief minister in India’ by many newspapers?
a. Arvind Kejriwal b. Manohar Parrikar c. Manik Sarkar d. Mamata Banerjee
Ans. Manik Sarkar

(2500000) In 2014, which athlete got upgraded to gold after Russia’s Tatyana Kotova was disqualified for doping at the 2005 World Athletics Final?
a. K M Beenamol b. Anju Bobby George c. Anuradha Biswal d. Neelam Jaswant Singh
Ans. Anju Bobby George

(5000000) Which of these moents stands on the land that originally belonged to the Kachhwaha rajas of Amber?
a. Khajuraho Temple Complex b. Taj mahal c. Golden Temple Amritsar d. Qutub Minar
Ans. Taj mahal

(FFF) Starting with the earliest, arrange these achievements of a student’s life in correct order
a. BA b. PhD c. Matriculation d. MA

(5000) What is your relation with your grandmother’s granddaughter?
a. Chachi b. Mother c. Sister d. Bua
Ans. Sister

(10000) Which of these is not a feature of facebook?
a. Like b. Timeline c. Poke d. Retweet
Ans. Retweet

(80000) Due to illegal construction, some residents of which of these housing societies in Mumbai were asked to vacate their flats after a notice from BMC?
a. Thums Up b. Campa Cola c. Limca d. Coca-Cola
Ans. Campa Cola

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