KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 29 – October 6

Questions and Answers from Episode 29 – October 6 of KBC Season 8
(GBBJ) In which of these movies is Salman Khan not called Prem?
A. Maine Pyar Kiya B. Hum Aapke Hain Koun C. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam D. Hum Saath- Saath Hain

(1,60,000) Approved by the government of India 2014 ONE RANK ONE PENSION is applicable to which of these?
a. Delhi Police b. University professors c. ISRO Scientists d. armed forces
Ans. Armed forces

(3,20,000) Which county is named after a Latin word for a metal?
a. Latvia b. Poland c. Argentina d. France
Ans. Argentina

(6,40,000) Which teenager ousted Rafael Nadal from Wimbledon 2014?
a. Nick Kyrgios b. Bernard Tomic c. Jiri Wesely d. Grigor Dimitrov
Ans. Nick Kyrgios

(12,50,000) According to Indian science and technology what are Kamini, Purnima and Zerlina?
a. artificial satellites b. nuclear reactors c. Ballistic missiles d. supercomputers
Ans. nuclear reactors

(25,00,000) According to the Adi Parva who was born to Rishi Parasara and Satyavati on an island in the Yamuna?
a. Devavrata b. Ved Vyasa c. Durvasa d. Kripacharya
Ans. Ved Vyasa

(FFF) Arrange these body parts in increasing order of their number in a normal human body.
a. heart b. bones c. teeth d. kidneys

(5000) Complete this road safety slogan ___ ___ durgatna ghati.
a. nazre mili b. seeti baji c. savdhani hati d. aankh lagi
Ans. savdhani hati

(10000) In which of these places can you take part in an elaborate Ganga Arti?
a. Ujjain b. Vrindavan c. Haridwar d. Mathura
Ans. Haridwar

(20000) Which of these holidays fell before the other three in the year 2014?
a. Republic day b. 3rd Sunday of January c. holi d. Buddha purnima
Ans. 3rd Sunday of January

(Jackpot) Which is the longest westward flowing river of India?
a. Godavari b. Narmada c. Tapti d. Mahi
Ans. Narmada

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