Kweezzz Quiz Sep 19: Mega-Connect Quiz

The quizzing bug has also hit twitter bigtime. Kweezzz holds daily quizzes on various topics. Check out their facebook page for the complete schedule. Kweezzz was also mentioned on TOI recently and this would have contributed to a big increase in their followers. To participate in their quiz, all you have to do is to follow @kweezzz and start answering questions. That’s it. Many quizzers conducts these quizzes and the questions can be found on the twitter page. But the problem is that almost all the questions have external links and browsing them is difficult. So, the aim of the kweezzz pages is to document each of these wonderful quizzes for all to enjoy.

Mega Connect Quiz conducted by Gaurav Sabnis on Sep 19th.

  • From the poster of which movie? poster_movie_love_storyA: Love Story
  • The official ________ at a famous event are of the Elsanta variety and are grown in Kent. Fill in the blank. A: Strawberries (at Wimbledon)
  • Cover of which book? madonna_book_sex_coverA: Sex, by Madonna
  • In the movie Baseketball, they make fun of the fact that New Orleans ___ team moved to a location where “They hate blacks and music”. A: Jazz (Moved to Utah)
  • The cult porno from the 70s was about a girl called Debbie and her friends trying out for which NFL team’s cheerleading squad? A: Dallas Cowboys
  • Which republic was founded in 1836, was recognized by USA, France, Belgium, Netherlands, but not Britain. Ceased to exist in 1846. A: Texas
  • Significance of this Marilyn Monroe picture? A: Cover of the first ever Playboy
  • According to Oxford dictionary of music, this term first meant “appealing to a mass audience”, but now has a general meaning – non-classical. A: Pop Music/Culture
  • Identify the painter. A: Picasso (painting is Guernica).
  • What was the most famous project of the InGen corporation? A: Jurassic Park

The theme is “The song Muqabla from Kadhalan”.

Lyrics – Jurassic Park mein sundar se jodey, jazz music gaaye mil ke, Picasso ki painting mera etc

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