KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 17 – September 15

Questions and Answers from Episode 17 – September 15 of KBC Season 8
GBBJ Question: Which of these characters from Ramayana was a bird?
A: Jatayu B: Vali C: Sugreeva D: Jambavanta
Ans: A: Jatayu

(80000) Which continent is the tiger native to?
a. Asia b. Australia c. Africa d. America
Ans. Asia

(1,60,000) In the northern hemisphere, around which date does the summer solstice occur?
a. 31st March b. 22nd July c. 21st June d. 23rd May
Ans. 21st June

(3,20,000) Who is the first politician to be born in independent India who became prime minister of India?
a. Rajiv Gandhi b. H D Deve Gowda c. Inder Kumar Gujral d. Narendra Modi
Ans. Narendra Modi

(6,40,000) For her achievement in which sport was Deepika Kumari awarded the Arjuna Award in 2012?
a. football b. shooting c. archery d. wrestling
Ans. archery

(12,50,000) Which of these kingdoms got its name from the fact that the ashes of Kamdeva fell here after Lord Shiva burnt him down?
a. Videha b. Magadh c. Viderbha d. Anga
Ans. Anga

(25,00,000) The autobiography of which freedom fighter is titled Atmakatha which he wrote during his prison time in Bankipur jail in Patna?
a. Jayprakash Narayan b. Rajendra Prasad c. Ram Mohan Lohia d. Lal Bahadur Shastri
Ans. Rajendra Prasad

(FFF) Starting from the easternmost arrange these SAARC countries in clockwise direction.
a. Maldives b. Afghanistan c. Sri Lanka d. Bangladesh

(5000) In which profession are the words affidavit, summon and writ everyday words?
a. medical b. engineering c. legal d. politics
Ans. legal

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