KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 18 – September 16

Questions and Answers from Episode 18 – September 16 of KBC Season 8
GBBJ Question: which of the following is not a social networking website?
A: Twitter B: Facebook C: Google+ D: Wikipedia
Ans: D:Wikipedia

(10000) Raslila dance is associated with which god?
a. Lord Indra b. Lord Shiva c. Lord Ganesha d. Lord Krishna
Ans. Lord Krishna

(20000) Other than a brief span of a few weeks, what sort of broadcast would you expect to see in Sony Max?
a. Live Formula one b. movies c. live news d. wildlife
Ans. movies

(40000) The illusion of seeing which of these is called a mirage?
a. solar eclipse b. rainbow c. water d. thunderstorms
Ans. water

(80000) Gir, Hariyana and Sahiwal are breeds of which animal?
a. goats b. elephants c. camels d. cows
Ans. cows

(1,60,000) Which of these rulers was the founder of a dynasty that ruled parts of India?
a. Bahlul Lodi b. Ashoka c. Akbar d. Rana Pratap
Ans. Bahlul Lodi

(3,20,000) Which of the following cities gets its name from a temple located in its vicinity?
a. Raipur b. Cuttack c. Chandigarh d. Jaipur
Ans. Chandigarh

(6,40,000) Which of these comic strips appeared for the first time in a Hindi magazine Lotpot in 1971?
a. Daabu b. Chacha Chaudhry c. Billoo d. Srimatiji
Ans. Chacha Chaudhry

(12,50,000) Who is the first cricketer to play 100 matches in the IPL?
a. Suresh Raina b. M S Dhoni c. Rohit Sharma d. Yusuf Pathan
Ans. Suresh Raina

(25,00,000) Which month in the Indian calender features an extra day on a leap year?
a. Chaitra b. Jaishthya c. Baishakh d. phulgun
Ans. Chaitra

(50,00,000) In the year 2014,which Lok Sabha constituency had 11 candidates all with the first name Chandu and surname Saahu?
a. Bilaspur b. Mahasamund c. Korba d. Rajnandgaon
Ans. Mahasamund

(FFF) Arrange the lyrics of this song picturised on Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit in the right order.
a. Karne Laga b. Dhak dhak c. Darne laga d. Ho mora jiyara

(5000) In what posture would one be standing if it is said, Woh natmastak hai?
a. aankh matkakar b. sir jhukakar c. kamar hilakar d. Thumka lagakar
Ans. sir jhukakar

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