KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 32 – October 9

Questions and Answers from Episode 32 – October 9 of KBC Season 8
(GBBJ) Which of these cartoon is known by his distinctive white moustache and red turban?
A. Shikari Shambhu B. Sabu C. The Common Man D. Chacha Chaudhary
Ans: D: Chacha Chaudhary

(300,00,000) Which of these scientists has not won the Nobel prize twice?
a) John Bardeen b) Frederick Sanger c) Linus Pauling d) Niels Bohr
Ans. D. Neils Bohr

(700,00,000) Who commanded the Hector,the first British trading ship to land at Surat?
a) Paul Canning b) William Hawkins c)Thomas Roe d)James Lancaster
Ans: b. William Hawkins

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  1. Leo says:

    Man , u really play well … Amazing ..huh 😀 really i can’t belive someone won big bigger biggest amount:-)

  2. omkar gupta says:

    wow Achin and Sarthak narula now you have 7 crores you are very intelligent
    you are really great I am Facebook and whats-app i watch your game when you are playing kaun banega crorepati with Amitabh bacchan you playing
    very well that i see i live in kawardha chattisgarh

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