General Quiz in IPL Auction Format

I recently conducted a quiz at work. It was a general quiz, but not in the usual format. it was done in the format of the IPL cricket auctions. See the screen below.

IPL Auction format quiz

Every team was given a budget of 10000 INR. The questions were grouped into categories such as Uncapped, batsman, foreigners etc. Each of the categories had a base price , marked within brackets in the header of the category e.g. a bowler question’s base price is 100. Now, teams were shown the question and then had to bid for it. The “runs” that they score if they got the question right are the numbers printed on the buttons. So, the teams have to manage their bidding based on their knowledge of the answer, the number of runs a question would fetch them and the amount of money they have. Also, if a team gave a wrong answer, they got negative runs, equal to the number printed on the square.

The quizzing was interesting with teams fighting it our for questions they were confident about and some teams bluffing knowledge of the question so as to increase the money spent by the other teams. Given below are some of the questions used.

  • Gandhari had many children. One of them is Dushala – her daughter. Who were the others?
  • Whoever cheats and thereby dishonestly induces the person deceived any property to any person or to make/alter or destroy the whole or any part of a valuable security shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years and shall also be liable to fine. Which section of IPC is this (not the complete description)?
  • Which modern-day game was earlier known as Poona as it was originally played in Indian city of Pune?
  • Name the country in Asia where you have to be a Sunni Muslim to be its citizen.
  • Who is the hero in the comics “Sunare Panjon wala Kekda” & “Tuta Hua kaan”
  • Referred to as a sugar pill these contain no active ingredients but people feel better without having any physical effect. What are such medicines known as?
  • The world’s number one smoking cessation brand has been launched in India. Name it?
  • If you were to win the Golden Bails award which profession would you be in?
  • X Mobility Holdings and X Solutions are the two companies which have been formed after X split. Identify X
  • Sushruta identified this group of metabolic diseases and associated it with a sedentary lifestyle. He classified it as Madhumeha. What medical condition did he refer to as Madhumeha?
  • This term in sports comes from a military term for a man trapped behind enemy lines where he is said to be “away from the strength of his side”. Which term?
  • Who fetched the highest amount amongst non-Indians in the recent IPL4 auction?
  • One key on the keyboard has its own “day” on October 22 when people observing this day use this key. Which key?
  • The Ayodhya verdict was a 3 way split between the Muslims (Sunni Waqf board) Hindus (Ram Lalla) and who?
  • Which technology received a patent under the name “Classifying Apparatus and Method”. One of the scientists who came up with this technology said that he received inspiration for the technology by drawing lines in the sand on a beach.
  • Which is the first IT company from India to be listed on NASDAQ?
  • Which building would you see on the reverse side of a Rs 50 note?
  • Which airline in India has aircrafts named Oregano/Fenugreek/Sesame?
  • A new breed. The first Indian Crossover. The finesse of a Sedan with the muscle of a SUV. Which vehicle from TATA?
  • What is the brand of condoms given in lieu of change in the new Lava A10 mobile phone ad?
  • What is classified into the types Pure/Virgin/Extra Virgin?
  • In which state were the first Aadhar cards (UID Cards) issued?
  • Who established the Missionaries of Charity in 1950 in Calcutta?
  • There are 3 national holidays in India: 26 January/15 August and… ?
  • His name is Bholu the elephant. What is he the mascot of?
  • After Sachin who holds the record for the most number of Test Cricket centuries?
  • The Bandra-Worli Sea Link Bridge is officially named after which former Prime Minister?
  • Neral – Hardal Hill – Jammapatti Station – Bhekra Station – Mount Barry- Panorama Point – Simpson Point – ? Which is the last station for this train?
  • What is the common English name of the Middle Eastern dance form of which there are 2 types – Raqs sharqi and Raqs baladi
  • Expand GPRS
  • What is the name of the process which converts carbon-di-oxide into organic compounds using the energy from sunlight?
  • Which country would appear first in the list of alphabetically arranged country names?
  • Expand ATM (where you withdraw cash)
  • Of which state/UT is Silvassa the capital?

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