Telecom, Tech and Business Quiz

Questions from the 2011/2012 editions of  Telecom/Tech Quiz thati have been doing in my company. Leave your answers in the comments. Answers will be updated in a week.

  1. Whose logo called the “speech mark”, is a quotation inside a circle?
  2. What does ADSL stand for?
  3. Digicel is the official sponsor of which cricket team?
  4. A _____ system  is a set of applications should support the Service Provider to effectively manage the relations and interactions with its customers.
  5. The original concept was developed by Jaakko Iisalo and its mechanics is said to have been inspired from a previous game called Crush the Castle. Which game from Rovio Mobile?
  6. Telecom service provider MTS India recently announced which Bollywood actor as its brand ambassador for two Years – in a 10 crore deal?
  7. What is the name of the voice-activated personal  assistant that comes with the iPhone 4S?
  8. What is the version name of the Symbian OS which was released in Apr/May 2011 (Original name was PR2). All of us would know this name!
  9. This company’s name is officially an abbreviation of the phrase ‘Do communication over the mobile network ‘ .  This word also means “Everywhere” in Japanese. Identify the company
  10. Expand EDGE, also known as Enhanced GPRS
  11. When you call 1909 in India, which service do you register for?
  12. What is the present name of the Alexander Bell Telephone Company?
  13. Name the father of the C programming language and the UNIX operating system who passed away a week after Steve Jobs died.
  14. This company started in 1995 as a joint venture between the Tatas, the Aditya Birla Group and AT&T, by merging Tata Cellular and Birla AT&T Communications. Which one?
  15. Who makes the Ascend P1 S, the world’s slimmest smartphone at 6.68 mm that was unveiled at CES 2012?
  16. What does T9 (developed by tegic communications) mode, used on many mobile phones for typing messages stand for?
  17. What is the QR “code” known as? (the expansion)
  18. What is the name of the tablet manufactured by the Canadian company DataWind Limited?
  19. Reliance has launched the first such service in India. This service is similar to a chat room: a conference call with upto six people, in which the ___ ____ plays host, and initiates and facilitates discussions on topics like movies, trends, current events. What is this service called?
  20. I can afford this phone. Presenting XXX, the affordable Android. Which brand?
  21. We have prepaid and postpaid. What is the service offered by the Future Group, available in shops like Big Bazaar called?
  22. What is the term used for the service set combining broadband, television, telephone (home phone)  and a wireless option (mobile phone)?
  23. Taglines : Baat mein Dum hai
  24. Taglines : Har friend zaroori hai yar
  25. Which indian telecom company’s logo resembles a telephone?
  26. “We wear cool suits We wear shiny Shoes We’re the ___ _____ Oh yeah We’re the ____ _____ We’re special, we’re clever We’re very very clever We’re the ____ ______ Oh yeah We’re the ____ ______ We do chat and we do mail We do surf We do all on the move”
  27. Norwegian IT minister Rigmor Assrud eas featured recently in a photo with Kapil Sibal. What was the most likely topic of discussion?
  28. ‘Out’ is a US-based gay men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine. Every year, it publishes Power 50, a list of the 50 Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America. Who topped the list in 2011?
  29. What is “Nomophobia“?
  30.  I am very sad to tell you that I’ve just been fired over the phone by X’s Chairman of the board. It has been my pleasure to work with all of you and I wish you only the bext going forward. Sent from my iPad. Who?
  31. The shorty awards are given for creation of best content on which website?
  32. What does IVR stand for w.r.t telecommunication industry?
  33. Which is the company in the news (for all the wrong reasons) that makes the parts of many products including iPhone?
  34. This is a term coined by Rohit Bhargava, a senior vice president at Ogilvy, for the practice of brands using social media to create an affinity with customers who share the same sentiments with friends. Which term?
  35. Which app is being touted as the Android answer to Apple’s Siri?
  36. What name was chosen by a company to “reflect the provision of voice and data services over mobile phones”?
  37. This inventor resided for most of his life in Nova Scotia, Canada, received the master patent in the United States for something he invented. He assigned 75% of his patent rights to his father. These were the beginnings of Telco. Who is this inventor and which company is being spoken about?
  38. “Send an SMS  to 1900. Then you will get a reply SMS with a UPC. Submit an application to the ___  with this UPC in a prescribed format.Your application will be processed and you will get an application receipt confirmation and the details of ___ date. Once the ____ is completed, confirmation message will be received. Steps for what in India?
  39. “Different meanings of the same word: A very small amount of an ingredient, In economics, it is the level of inventory below which consumers become worried about continuity of supplies . To squeeze between the thumb and the finger. Connect this word to this Steve Jobs.
  40. If it is ASKM (Available Seat Kilometers) for the airline industry, and ARR (Average Room rate) for the hotel industry, what is it for the telecom industry?
  41. In 17th century, this word was introduced into Optics and later used for other waves. The dictionary meaning is – a condition that is not limited to a specific set of values but that which can vary infinitely within a continuum. What word?
  42. What is the term used for the situation in which a subscriber is outside his/her home network and uses wireless connectivity services?
  43. He is considered to be the inventor of the mobile phone. On April 3, 1973, he placed a call to Joel Engel, head of research at AT&T’s Bell Labs, while walking the streets of New York City talking on the first Motorola DynaTAC prototype. Who?
  44. W.r.t IPL , a six was referred to as a DLF Maximum, what is a catch/best catch of the day referred to as ?
  45. If Mountain Dew’s tag line is “Do the Dew”, whose tagline is “Do the New”??
  46. ‘Sparks’, ‘Hangouts’, ‘Huddle’,‘Mobile’, Circles are some of the features in which product. Which one?
  47. Big city, big enterprise, Which telecom player of India extracted its name from it?
  48. Expand CDMA
  49. What is the name of the cloud version of its popular Office offerings, aimed to enable enterprises to use the software on a pay-per-use model.
  50. Expand GSM
  51. On September 20, 2007, which company was taken over by Vodafone in India?
  52. Kapil Sibal is the current minister of communications and Information technology.Who was the one before him?
  53. Which company’s name is is supposedly derived from “Accent on the future”.
  54. The Lava B5 mobile phones are the first phones launched in India to have 2 new things. One is the ABC keyboard. What is the other?
  55. On July 1, 1968 this  number was introduced in New York City to call the police. What?
  56. Scene in a Bus: When asked as to why she was being put on hold and why it took so long for customer care to respond, what does the lady say?
  57. A recent survey found what to be main reason for low churn in India even after the introduction of MNP?
  58. Bell was testing his instrument over a longer distance. Bell and Watson were upstairs with one instrument while Charles Williams was using the other instrument downstairs. Someone called for Bell from another room and as he went to the other room he handed the instrument to Watson and Bell said “here, hold this“. This is rumoured to be the origin of which phrase?
  59. What acc to Onida is the USP of their PreCool range of air conditioners?
  60. Standard to the iphone is a device that allows the user to flip the screen from landscape to portrait mode simply by rotating the phone. By what name is this function better known?
  61. The Digital Rights Management system on the iPhone was broken by a group of hackers, which allowed for other non-Apple applications to be installed onto the devices. By what name is such a cracking of Digital Rights Management better-known?
  62. A similar handheld device is also available from Apple that has most features that the iPhone has, minus the telephone. What is the name of this device?

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9 Responses

  1. Gyan bharti says:

    20 Micromax

  2. Pooja says:

    31) Social website
    32) Interactive Voice Response
    33) Samsung

  3. Pooja says:

    34) Likeonomics
    35) Iris(Intelligent Rival Imitation of Siri)
    36) Vodafone
    37) Alexander Graham Bell AT&T
    39) Pinch- Pinch to zoom Technology by Steve Jobs
    41) Spectrum
    42) Wi-Fi
    43) Dr Martin Cooper
    44) karbaan kamal Catches
    45) DOCOMO’s Tagline
    46) Google’s Google Plus
    47) MTNL- Mahanagar(Big city) Telephone Nigam(Enterprise) Limited
    48) Code Division Multiple Access
    49) Office 365
    50) Global System for Mobile communication
    51) Hutch
    52) A.Raja
    53) Accenture
    54) India’s new Rupee symbol key
    55) 911
    56) No Idea
    58) Hold option while talking
    59) operated from outside home just sending an SMS.

  4. Pooja says:


  5. Pooja Raja says:

    1. Vodafone
    2. ASDL:- Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
    3. West Indies
    4. CRM(Consumer Relationship Management)
    5. Angry Birds
    6. Imran Khan
    7. Siri
    8. Symbian Anna
    9. DOCOMO
    10. Enhanced Data Rate for Global Evolution
    11. DND service
    12. AT&T
    13. Dennis Ritchie
    14. Idea Cellular
    15. Huawei
    16. Text on 9Keys
    17. Quick Response code
    18. Aakash Tablet
    19. Mobile Jockey Service
    21. FCH
    22. U-Verse
    23. Uninor
    24. Airtel
    25. MTNL
    26. Blackberry Boys
    27. Telenor Case
    28. Tim Cook,CEO of Apple
    29. Nomophobia – fear of being without phone
    30. Carol Bartz

  6. Sutariya Ashvin says:

    11. DND(Do Not Disturb)
    12. The American Bell Telephone Company
    13. Dennis Ritchie
    14. Idea

  7. Sutariya Ashvin says:

    2.Asymmetric digital subscriber line(ADSL)
    6.imran khan

  8. 4.ivr
    5.angry birds
    9.docomo n t mahindra
    16.text 9
    17.quick response
    18.aakash or ubislate

  9. Puja says:

    question 51’s answer is Hutch

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