KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 14 – September 9

Questions and Answers from Episode 14- September 9 of KBC Season 8

Today’s GBBJ Question
Q: Which superstar lives in a bungalow named “Mannat” in Mumbai?
A. Abhishek Bachhan B. Salman Khan C. Aamir Khan D. Shah Rukh Khan
Ans: D. Shah Rukh Khan

(1,60,000) In which of these states would you find the towns Badaun and Bahraich?
a. Odissa b. Uttar Pradesh c. Andhra Pradesh d. Chattisgarh
Ans. Uttar Pradesh

(3,20,000) Mughal emperor Babur was a descendant of which ruler from his mother’s side?
a. Timur b. Muhammad Ghori c. Muhammad of Ghazni d. Genghis Khan
Ans. Genghis Khan

(6,40,000) Three of the sons of which Pandava are Shutakriti, Iravan and Bhabruvahana?
a. Arjuna b. Sahadeva c. Yudhistira d. Nakul
Ans. Arjuna

(12,50,000) Angami,aro, kuki, kanyak are the principle languages of which state?
a. Mizoram b. Meghalaya c. Andhra Pradesh d. Nagaland
Ans. Nagaland

(25,00,000) Which cattle medicine has been found responsible for the decline in the vulture population?
a. quinolone b. penicillin c. diclofenac d. paracetamol
Ans. diclofenac

(50,00,000) Which party contested the most number of seats in the 2014 elections?
a. Congress party b. BSP c. BJP d. Aam admi party
Ans. BSP

(FFF) Starting with the least, arrange these Hindi numbers in increasing order?
a. atthavan b. taitalleesh c. atthasee d. unnasee

(5000) Which of these birds found in India is known for its call or sweet voice?
a. peacock b. cuckoo c. house sparrow d. eagle
Ans. cuckoo

(10000) What are the people willing to sacrifice their lives known as?
a. ehsaan faramosh b. madhosh c. khanabadosh d. sarfarosh
Ans. sarfarosh

(20000) Which of these is the title of a 2014 film starring Randeep Hooda?
a. Do raaste b. Sadak c. Highway d. Chauraha
Ans. Highway

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