KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 16 – September 11

Questions and Answers from Episode 16 – September 11 of KBC Season 8
GBBJ Question: In which of these games can a player be offside?
A: Tennis B: Billiards C: Golf D: Football
Ans: D: Football

(80000) On an average which is the largest tree borne fruit in the world?
a. Coconut b. jackfruit c. pumpkin d. papaya
Ans. jackfruit

(3,20,000) In 2014, which office did Mukul Rohatgi take charge of?
a. Governor, RBI b. National Security Advisor c. Attorney General of India d. Chief Election Commission
Ans. Attorney General of India

(6,40,000) In 2014 who balled the first maiden in the superover of a T20 match?
a. R Ashwin b. Murlidharan c. R Jadega d. S Naraine
Ans. S Naraine

(12,50,000) The first Nobel prize in physics was awarded for the discovery of what?
a. Laser b. transistor c. X ray d. Vacuum tubes
Ans. X ray

(FFF) Starting from ground level, arrange these play areas or equipments in order of their heights?
a. Table tennis b. volleyball c. basketball d. cricket pitch

(5000) In the world of legendary lovers which of these is wrongly paired?
a. laila-majnu b. sohni-mahiwal c. Shirin-Farhad d. Raanjha-Anarkali
Ans. Raanjha-Anarkali

(10000) In Hindu texts what are earth, water, air, sky and fire connectively called?
a. panchamitra b. panchatatva c. panchajanya d. panchatirtha
Ans. panchatatva

(20000) The addition of which of these is of maximum value?
a. four notes of Rs500 b. twenty notes of Rs100 c. ten notes of Rs50 d. three notes of Rs1000
Ans. three notes of Rs1000

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