General Quiz and India Quiz prelims

Given below are the questions from the written prelims of a General Quiz and an India quiz which i conducted last week.

1 When did India celebrate its first Republic day?
2 What Maharashtrian town produces a distinctive style of chappals that are famous by such a name?
3 Who is the Indian equivalent of Pakistan’s Hina Rabbani Khar?
4 Which tiger reserve was in the news in 2005 when it was found that there were no tigers left in the reserve due to poaching?
5 If Emperor Akbar’s court had the “Nav Ratnas”, in whose court would you have found the “Ashta Pradhans”?
6 What passes through Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Mizoram, Tripura and no other state?
7 The name of which Hindustani Sangeet raaga translates to sound of the swan?
8 Until Jul 2011, what were private FM channels forbidden to broadcast (that govt channels could)?
9 Conference, Emergency, Employment, Missionaries, Research, Student are some types of what related to India?
10 Which Indian was on board Salyut 7 on 3 April 1984?
11 1994. 3rd: Irene Ferreira (Venezuala), 2nd: Basetsane Makgalemele (South Africa), 1st:?
12 Asia-Pacific’s largest literary festival is currently on in which city?
13 India will play a warm up match against New Zealand on Jan 28th in Mumbai in preparation for a world cup. Which one?
14 Which religion gets its name from the Punjabi word for ‘disciple’?
15 What term meaning ‘residents from earliest of times’ or ‘original inhabitants’ is given to close to 8% of the Indian national population, thus making them the largest tribal population in the world?
16 Situated in the Dadar area of Mumbai, this place is of historical and cultural value because of the political and social gatherings it has witnessed. In the news recently. Which place?
17 Which was the third city where Airtel launched its 4G services after Kolkata and Bengaluru?
18 What is the name of the Lone Wolf in Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle book?
19 Some of the aircrafts of this airline have nicknames such as Chilli, Coriander, Saffron, Mint and Fennel. Which airline?
20 This symbol is an amalgam of Devanagari “Ra” and the Roman capital “R” with two parallel horizontal stripes running at the top representing the national flag and also the “equal to” sign. Which symbol?

2 India is going to celebrate its _____ (2nd, 43rd, 55th etc) Republic day on 26th Jan 2013.
3 What abbreviation of Latin for “and others” is usually used in academic texts that have more than one author?
4 This logo consists of twenty dots or circles. Eight of them form a line at 45 deg to the horizontal. From the third dot from the top, four dots each form two lines at 45 deg to the first line (forming a right angle between them). Similarly, starting from the bottom dot, two dots each form two lines at 45 deg to the first line. This logo takes the shape of something this company uses daily. Which company?
5 Against which country did Sachin Tendulkar play his last ODI?
6 “Who is the first woman to successfully climb K2, the world’s second highest mountain peak?” What is the recent claim to fame of this question?
7 What English word comes from the Greek for ‘Chest’ and ‘Examination’ / ’Observation’?
8 Early 35mm film was traditionally measured by length in cutting rooms i.e. in feet. For example, a foot of 35mm film represented 1 second on screen. What word, initially a unit of measure for film, now used in a generic sense to denote moving image material, comes from this?
9 At the age of three, he was trying to make holes in a piece of leather with an awl (a sharp tool). He pressed down hard to drive the point in, and the awl slipped and struck him in one of his eyes. The wound became severely infected and spread to his other eye. By the age of five he was completely blind in both eyes. Who?
10 What is the name of the new search feature introduced in Facebook where you can put natural queries to search amongst your friend’s interests?
11 In the 100m in London Olympics, Bolt came first. Who came second?
12 The last ad which Rajesh Khanna appeared in, before his death, was for Havells Fans. Which was the first ad that he appeared in?
13 In 2003, what name was temporarily given to “French Fries” in many cafeterias across US because of France’s opposition to the war in Iraq?
14 Who has sung the song “Pi’s Lullaby” (from the film “Life of Pi”) that has been nominated for the “Best Original Song”?
15 ‘Kamzor Kadi Kaun’ hosted by Neena Gupta was the Indian version which famous UK TV Show?
16 What is the name of the statue in Brussels which shows a small boy urinating?
17 Which is the tallest peak in Maharashtra?
18 PAN numbers (Permanent Account Numbers) have 10 characters. The 5th character (alphabet) has a link to you. How?
19 What type of curry has a name that can be roughly translated from Hindi as ‘onions twice’?
20 In the Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, who is the narrator?
21 Which is the star closest to Earth?
22 The Kuchipudi dance is native to which state in India?
23 The Assi and Varuna are two tributaries of Ganga. Which is the city located between these two rivers?
24 Which is the only muscle of the body not attached at both ends? No, IT is not a muscle!
25 This name comes from the Greek for “Opposite of the Arctic”. Which word?

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3 Responses


    Sir, thanks a lot for these quiz. Your effort is really appreciable. I am a student searching for job and its even useful for me. Thanks a lot again.

  2. Ankita Gupta says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, this quiz really helped me prepare for my auditions in school 🙂

  3. s m muneer ali says:

    1-26th january 1950.
    3-salman khurshid.
    4-sariska tiger reserve.
    6-tropic of cancer – 23 and half degree line.
    8-pvt fm stations can broadcast news.
    9-visa forms.
    10-rakesh sharma.
    11-miss world pageant – aishwarya rai.
    13-icc women’s world cup 2013.
    16-shivaji park.
    20-indian rupee symbol.
    3-et al.
    6-wanda rutkeweitz – rs 5 crore question on the KBC won by surmeet kaur.
    9-louis braille.
    10-graph search.
    11-yohan blake.
    12-that the one havells fans only.
    13-freedom fries.
    14-bombay jayashri.
    15-the weakest link.
    16-manneken pis.
    17-kalsubhai peak.
    18-First character of assessee’s Last Name/ Surname.
    20-john h watson.
    22-Andhra Pradesh.
    23-kasi or varanasi.

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