KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 34 – October 14

Questions and Answers from Episode 34 – October 14 of KBC Season 8
(GBBJ) In which of the mathematical tables do the numbers 8,16 and 20 appear?
A. Three B. Four C. Five D. Six
Ans: B.Four

(5000) Which of these is a bank employee likely to tally with the cheque and his records while cashing a cheque?
a. photo b. address c. signature d. atm pin
Ans. signature

(10000) In the 2014 movie Queen what does Kangana Ranaut set out to do alone?
a. pilgrimage b. college picnic c. wildlife safari d. honeymoon
Ans. honeymoon

(20000) Which of these names of Lord Shiva was not derived from a characteristic of his body?
a. Trinetra b. Neelkanth c. Mahadev d. Jatadhari
Ans. Mahadev

(40000) Which of these sportswomen would use a shuttlecock in her chosen sport?
a. Ashwini Ponappa b. Koneru Humpy c. Depika Kumari d. Depika Pallikal
Ans. Ashwini Ponappa

(1,60,000) Which of these organisms are responsible for rabies and measles?
a. virus b. amoeba c. bacteria d. fungus
Ans. virus

(3,20,000) In 2014 which food company was renamed Mondelez India food ltd?
a. Nestle India ltd b. Cadbury India Ltd c. Dabur India Ltd d. Vadilal Industries
Ans. Cadbury India Ltd

(6,40,000) MH370,which disappeared on March 8,2014 was flying from which city to Kualampur?
a. Sidney b. Jakarta c. Beijing d. Dubai
Ans. Beijing

(12,50,000) Which of these Asian countries is not landlocked?
a. Afghanistan b. Mongolia c. Laos d. Cambodia
Ans. Cambodia

(25,00,000) In 1947,who represented the Sikh community in the partition council to discuss the issue of partition of India with the viceroy?
a. Sardar Hukum Singh b. Master Tara Singh c. Sardar Baldev Singh d. Bhai Parmanand
Ans. Sardar Baldev Singh

(FFF) Starting with the cheapest, arrange these berths of an express train according to their prices.
a. AC 2 tier b. sleeper class c. AC 1st class d. AC 3 tier

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