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In case you haven’t yet checked out, i had posted 19 puzzles here. Given below are the answers to all the puzzles.

PUZZLE 1:  Head of the Pack.

Let me tell you a thing or two about solving puzzles…

–> “Head of the Pack”, “Capitals”, “Capitalize”, “Capitalism” have been given to hint at capitals. If you look at the first letter (in Capital) of all sentences, they spell out LIMASSOL

PUZZLE 2:  Piled up in Egypt

The boxes are arranged such that the number inside a box is equal to the sum of the numbers of the two boxes supporting it (i.e. the two boxes below it). No number is repeated and all numbers are greater than zero. What is the number in the topmost box?

–> Straight-forward mathematical puzzle. Almost everyone who replied got this one right. The answer is 54.

PUZZLE 3: A puzzle on my table!

After seeing this puzzle kept on the table, even Dr.Watson would have been tempted to say, “It’s elementary, my dear!” 10 POINTS

99, 15, 53, 8, 11, 32

—> Someone even asked, “On whose table should i get the puzzle?” 🙂

The words table, elementary have all been added to hint at the periodic table. Once you list the elements whose atomic numbers have been given above, you get EsPIONaGe.


Given below is an empty crossword. You have to fit the following words into the grid. Then the letters in the colored cells will give you the answer. 10 POINTS

Words: 282, 2253***, 28669, 78779, 5262

–> This one proved to the craziest one of the lot. If you look at the strange title, you should notice SMS at the end. Also, the before the numbers you find “Words:”. This should tell you that the numbers have to be converted to words through the intelligent mode in SMS and then inserted into the grid. The *** doesnt make any sense if you try to insert numbers into the grid.

This works on only phones of Nikoa and some other models. Even some Nokia models give a different word for the second one because of a different dictionary. But, you could have noticed the theme of baby animals in all the words. We have considered many variations as answers based on the explanations given.

the words (after trying them in SMS) are cub, calf, bunny, puppy and lamb. Once you insert them, the higlighted letters spell out CLUB.

PUZZLE 5: Counting the Extras

Corfu  Either  Viefi Nerves Open Sexi Wort

–> All the above words are expansions to numbers i.e. four +’c’, three + ‘i’ and so on for numbers 1 to 7. the extra letters you get are c,i,i,r,p,e,r. You can easily anagram them to pricier. But, the logical step intended was to sort the numbers from 1 to 7 and you would have automatically got pricier rather then trying to find the anagram


Can you find the password from the collage below? Thanks to Harish Mayavel and Anith Kumar for modeling for this puzzle. Btw, both are right-handed and hence, their right hands take priority over their left. 
–> You knew you had to somehow get a word. So, you should have guessed that it is something to do with the letters appearing in each photo. So, the natural way to proceed is to take the nth letter (n – number shown on the hands) from the letters in the same picture.
But, you would have a problem with the picture in (2.3) where there are no letters. Then, you should guess that the letters are taken from “other” pictures as shown by the direction of the hands.
So, this is what you do for the first picture (1,1). The right hand points in South-east direction, i.e. towards picture (2,2) and the number on the fingers is 3. So, u take the 3rd letter from MOTORS i.e. T. Then for the left hand (as it is given that the right hand takes priority over the left) points down showing 1 finger. So, you take the 1st letter from HOMEELE i.e. H.
The last two pictures have harish and anith pointing towards the camera. For these gestures, you have to take letters from the same picture. So, if you construct the letters, you get THE WORD IS MOOD.
Some people, ignored the left hand and got TEORISMOD, which conincedentally anagrams to a proper word MOTORISED. But, they get only half points as the left hand in the puzzle then doesnt serve any purpose!
Btw, thanks to the few who solved the puzzle. After all the time spent on this puzzle, it would have been disheartening if no one had solved it!


Do you know the NATO phonetic alphabet? If not, search it up on the net. In the passage below, the NATO phonetic code words of all letters of the alphabet (a to z) but one have been encoded. Find the one alphabet which has been omitted. To get you started, I shall give an example: Alpha (for letter A) has been encoded as one of the “Two Greeks”. 20 POINTS

–> Interesting puzzle, but easy. Kilo is the answer. Sierra could have been the problem, but the first result for Sierra on google brings up a s/w company!


All the numbers in the table below can be expressed as a product of some primes. Do the prime factorization for each of them (There are lot of online resources to do this) and then look for some pattern to find the 8-letter answer! 20 POINTS

—> if you do the prime factorization for all the numbers, you will find that all of them are a combination of 2/3/5/7/11/13/17/19 – 8 prime numbers and you need a 8-letters answer.

So, make a 3*5 grid, mark the positions where each prime number occurs and you will see shapes of letters which spell out DISPATCH.

PUZZLE 9: Just another day in Cyprus

This is how u solve this

– List down all combinations which a product of 36.

– then u check for their sums.

If there was a sum which was unique in the list, then guy doesnt need the third clue. So, you should look for duplicate sums.

so you get the sum of 13 for 661 and 922.

Then she says “my eldest” – the rest of the info is crap 🙂

since she says eldest, that means that the eldest is unique. So the answer is 922.


–> The second part of the puzzle can be found in the Alassia Menu Sheet. Thanks to Mr.Zenon from Alassia for this.

The last line of the puzzle text says “Russia – 1, England – 0”. So, if you substitute 1 for russian characters and 0 for english characters, you get numbers which are the ascii values for the alphabets.Converted into alphabets, you get VERY BORING.


Samuel is stuck inside a jail in Libya. He is full of remorse and has sent you the secret note below. What does it say?

–> As the text in bold hints, it is morese code i.e. dots and dashes.

So, the flags convert to -, .-, -,-,—,— which stands for TATTOO


–> Easy puzzle, but you have string ur eyes bit 🙂

As it says “Better switch your brain to mode X OR you will never find the answer”

You have to do a XOR between individual frames, considering an on bulb as 1 and an off one as 0.

Answer is ATTUNED

PUZZLE 13: A Visit to Kykkos Monastery

–> Easy one, as you just have to trace on paper the directions which give you the word MUST. Sriram Bhattaru had taken the pain of drawing this and sending it across!


PUZZLE 14: The search for Cypriot villages

–> Few suggested that i should not have given the names of the villages to be found! Then, it would have been very tough. How many of us can recognise Cypriot village names ?

Once you get all the villages, the rest of the letters read SORT VILLAGE DESC THIRD FROM LAST.

many got this and in spite of this, got wrong answers. The answer is ASKAS.


Plot the points and you will get the shape of letters. Many got HOBBIY which they thought was HOBBY, but if u reshape the last letter, you get a T  which leads to HOBBIT.




If you work from the last set, it will be much easier, as you have the ? after BUM.

So, you get What weapon is was also a beatles album?

The answer i expected as REVOLVER, but i guess many just did a google search for beatles weapon and got beatle’s secret weapon in EMI case or something like that.


–> A straightforward one . Few even found RSA (Republic of South Africa)

The answers are : SPAIN/LATVIA, China, mali, Nepal, Chad, Niger, Lesotho and Ghana


1) Matchstick men – you match the stickmen!

2) Big trouble in Little china

3) Wizard of Oz, got something about magician in austria, but a rebus never talks about the content of a movie. You are not expected to know about the movie, just derive the name from the rebus

4) boron – fifth element

5) Something about mary

6) In good Company – co. is company

7) 21 grams – converted into ounces!

8) the greek symbol for PSI, so it becomes psycho

9) courageous – brave so, braveheart

10 ) dispute – argument – fight , so Fight Club

11) i do … 4 weddings and a funeral

12) COLT – Top Gun (colt, uzi, winchester – types of guns)

13) Dijons — Indiana jones and the last crusade – jones and the last crew said – the whole thing is in Diana.

14) the toughest one and the controversial one 🙂 ok, we have rows and columns ..we have jesus it becomes Rows + Mary’s baby – Rosemary’s baby!

Hope you enjoyed the puzzles!

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