Mini scavenger hunt – List

Our team went on a project event to an adventure resort two weeks back. We had some time between the evening activities and dinner, so i organised a mini scavenger hunt with items that can be obtained within the resort (Note: The resort is as remote as a place can be, in the midst of the western Ghats)

Do not do anything illegal. Do not hurt yourself doing any of the things below. Do not do anyting which may damage something on HANS premises.
Teams can share items. E.g. If 1 red t-shirt and 1 blue t-shirt are required and 1 team has 2 red t-shirts and another team 2 blue t-shirts, they can strike a deal and xchange them. But, at the time of presentation, no items can be shared between teams.
Plan and work on these items. Some of them can be obtained by only one team, so act fast!
Where ever you have been asked to take photos of the entire team, one team member can be left out to actualy take the photo.
Each entry below is called a task irespective of whether it requires you to get some item, take some photo or do some activity.

10 diffrent types of leaves
Pencil (< 5 cm) (not broken, but sharpened)
a girl (real live human) (There was another group of 4 (2 guys and 2 girls) at the resort. Two teams tracked them down and made deals with them so that they would appear for their teams. To my surprise, the other two teams also managed to find girls, actually old ladies! They went to the manager’s house, explained the event and requested the ladies living/working there to make an appearance!)
Live insect (not an ant)
42 USD or 33 Euro or Rs. 1412.20 (All the teams managed to get the 20 paise coin – from the people working at the resort)

Company ID of all team members
3 mobile phones – 1 Nokia, 1 Samsung and 1 Sony Ericsson
2 mobile fones of the same kind (Brand/Model/Colour)
a chair
a comb
a formal shirt neatly folded
Empty toothpaste tube (The next morning, we had a tough time finding enough toothpaste for the entire grp 🙂 )
Photo of the Entire team under a blanket with only the heads and feet showing outside
An empty PET bottle of Fanta
Get  the resort’s manager’s autograph here. Hurry, he will sign for only one team
a potato
an onion
Photo of the entire team making a fool of themselves
Photo of the entire team attempting to murder a GL/PM (I am invincible!)
Film a MMS Scandal on your mobile phone (This was amazing. Unfortunately, all the teams immediately deleted the videos as soon as they showed it to me, or at least the stars of the videos think so!)
Write my surname (proper spelling)
How many spelling mistakes (gramatical errors not to be included) are there in this document (includes titles, content etc).Highlight them on this sheet
A “Poster used in our team” Poster has been hidden somewhere. Hint: it is located within 10 metres of a water body. Hurry, there is only one!
To make sure no team scores zero!! What is the total number of tasks in this scavenger hunt? (Unfortunately, o one noticed that i had repeated a number in the list)

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