Logic and Puzzle Quiz

Questions from a puzzle event called “Crack the logic” which i conducted in amdocs. The numbers in the brackets were the points awarded for each of the questions.

1. Give an English word which starts with “he” and ends with “he”, other than the word “he”.[1]

2. How many questions are there in this quiz? [1]

3. How many squares are present in the figure below? [2]

4. Which famous ex-American President wrote the autobiography of Bill Clinton titled “My Life”? [1]

5. There is a circular forest of radius 10 Kilometers. How far can a dog run into this forest? [1]

*6. What is the next in the series? [2]







7. What is the next word in the series? [2]

8. Fill in the blank. [1]

Prince Charles is Prince Harry’s father’s ______.

*9. Find the next number in the series. In case you didn’t know, 10^27 is called Octillion. [2]
10^3, 10^9, 10^27, 10^2, 1, ___

*10.The Amdocs Social Club had recently ordered a new display board advertising the facilities of the new Gym. The new gym had treadmills and cycles. But, the writing on the display board mentioning “treadmills and cycles” was not very friendly to the eye as the words were spaced too close to each other. So, Gopa wrote a mail to Nicos asking him to get this corrected. Nicos noticed that the sentence written by Gopa had the word “and” appearing five times one after another. What could have been the sentence that Gopa had written in the mail? [2]

11. Complete the short-forms below for [1] mark each.

E.g. 26 L of the A = Letters of the Alphabet
• 7 D of the W =

• 12 S of the Z =

• 8 P in the S S =

• 90 D in a R A =

• 24 H in a D =

#*12. An archer shoots 2 arrows at a circular target and both of them hit the target. What is the probability that the 2 arrows are in the same half of the target? [2]

13. Form a meaningful sentence starting with “the” from the grid below. The only condition is that a move from one word to another can only be like a knight/horse used in Chess. i.e. an ‘L’ shaped move. [2]
E.g.: if you are on “solve” (1st row, 2nd column), the next word can be either “this” (3rd row, 3rd column) or “to” (3rd row, 1st column) or “only” (2nd row, 4th column)


#*13. There are 49 students in a class. What is the probability that at least 5 of them have their birthdays in the same month? [2]

14. The alphabets “A” to “Z” (Capital letters) have been grouped into 4 categories as below. The alphabets have already been put into the groups. Identify the way that the groups have been classified. [2]

Group 1: A, M, T, U, V, W, Y

Group 2: B, C, D, E, K

Group 3: H, I, O, X

Group 4: F, G, J, L, N, P, Q, R, S, Z
15. If (x-a)(x-b)=x²-(a+b)x+ab

What is the value of (x-a)(x-b)(x-c)(x-d)…………………….(x-z) ? [2]

16. A tennis tournament has 7 rounds of single elimination of its men’s singles competition. This includes the championship match, and there are no byes. How many singles players originally enter when the tournament begins? [2]

*17. Find an eight-digit number such that the first digit tells you how many ‘zeros’ are there, second digit tells you how many ‘ones’ are there, third digit tells you how many ‘twos’ are there and so on. [2]

18. Trixies are pictorial/clued representations of words/phrases. Within brackets, you might have clues to what the trixie stands for.
Solve the trixies below.

a) sa, sb, sc, sd, sf, sg, sh ….. sz (Part of the body) [1]

b) PRO / MISE [1]

c) s t o r y –> stor (English Phrase) [1]

d) [1]


e) abababababababababababab…… [2]

f) O_er_t_o_ [2]

g) Math The [1]

h) xqqme [1]

i) you just me [1]

j) comp144etence [2]

19. How many F’s are there in the paragraph below? [1]




20. Encrypted Phrases: Each of the group of phrases given resembles a meaningful entity when “read” differently

E.g. Lawn Sand Jealous –> Los Angeles

Solve each of these phrases for [1] point each

• Sand Tackle Laws –>

• My Gulch Hoard Un –>

• Aisle Oh View –>

• This hound dove muse sick –>

• Thumb ill key way –>
21. The “sequence” below is incomplete. Complete the “sequence” [1]

19 5 17 21 5 14 3 ?
22. Cross out nine letters in such a way that the remaining letters spell
a single word. [1]

23. Find the country names encoded using the following characters.

a = any vowel
b = any letter which has to be written with an extension on top (b d f h k l t)
g = any letter which has to be written with an extension to the bottom (g j p q y)
c = any letter with no extensions (c m n r s v w x z)

For example Canada would be encoded as cacaba.

Now, try to find the names of the countries encrypted below. [1] point each.

• acbaa –

• aacbcabaa –

• cggcac –

• gagac –

• cacacaa –

• cac caabacb –

• ccabcacbacb –

• cacacaaba –

• ccacba –

• bacabba –
24) Before Mt Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain on earth?

#25) One of the words give below has been given to me as the secret word


If I were to tell you one letter of my secret word, then you would be able to tell me the number of vowels in my secret word. Which of the above is my secret word?



Each of the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 is

• represented by a different letter in the above figure
• positioned in the figure such that each of A+B+C, C+D+E, E+F+G, G+H+I is equal to 13.

What does the letter ‘E’ represents? [2]

27) This is Triplet puzzle. Many drinks (names of drinks) have been split into groups of three characters and distributed across the grid. Find as many names of drinks as you can. The individual groups of 3 letters are used in the name of only one drink. [1] mark for each drink you are able to find. There are 10 drinks in the grid.


28) Andreas and Christos look alike, but Andreas lies on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, whereas Christos lies on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. They both tell the truth on Sunday. You come upon the two of them, and they make the following statements. In each case, determine who is who, and what day it is. [1 point for determining who A is, 1 point for determining what day it is]

Problem 1:

A – I will lie tomorrow
B – I lied yesterday, and I will lie tomorrow.
Problem 2:
A – Today is not Sunday
B – Today is not Monday

29) Each square grid below contains a path from every numbered square to some meeting point. The number in each square tells how many straight line segments it takes to get to the meeting point. The different paths to the meeting point cannot intersect, and can only go horizontally and vertically through the grid squares. The meeting point must be in an empty square.


Now find the meeting point (draw the line segments too) for the grids below for 1 point each.



#*30) If my house number is a multiple of 3, then it is a number from 50 to 59 (inclusive). If my house number is not a multiple of 4, then it is a number from 60 to 69 (inclusive). If my house number is not a multiple of 6, then it is a number from 70 to 79 (inclusive). What is my house number? [2]

31) Give an English word which has “adac” in the centre. [1]

Hope you enjoyed the puzzles.

Rajaram S

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  1. Aiisha May 16, 2013 |
    ans. to q. 3 is 32
  2. bhavneek April 23, 2013 |
    q1's answer is headache
  3. madhavan April 4, 2013 |
    question 31 ans:cycadaceous
  4. madhavan April 4, 2013 |
    question 3 ans:25 squares
  5. kajal amrutkar April 4, 2013 |
    ans5 is 20km
  6. kajal amrutkar April 4, 2013 |
    ans3 is 26 square
  7. Hari April 1, 2013 |
    22->Answer is Cross out the Letters that spell: "NINE LETTERS" (all the odd letters) leaving "A SINGLE WORD" (all the even letters)
  8. Hari April 1, 2013 |
    21->Answer is 5
  9. Hari April 1, 2013 |
  10. katta vijay March 27, 2013 |
    ans for Q13 is 1 sol. (5*1)+(4*11)=49 implies atleast in one month 5 birthdays are celebrated, assuming no one is born on feb 29
  11. katta vijay March 27, 2013 |
    ans to qustn 6 is 13112221
  12. Mastanvali March 17, 2013 |
    please tell me your Answers....
  13. Saroj Gupta February 10, 2013 |
    Excellent quiz puzzle
  14. gowtham February 8, 2013 |
    will you please publish the answers ASAP?? especially for 13th.
  15. Subhankar December 7, 2012 |
    11. • 7 D of the W =Days of the week • 12 S of the Z =Signs of the Zodiac • 8 P in the S S =Planets in the Solar System • 90 D in a R A =Degrees in a Right Angle • 24 H in a D =Hours in a Day
  16. Subhankar December 7, 2012 |
    1.Headache 3.30 4.Bill Clinton 5.20 km 6.13112221 7.Heaven 8.Son
  17. amartya December 1, 2012 |
    Awesome but give some harder questions dude.
  18. Deepu October 11, 2012 |
    Questions are too good. And i would like to know the answers. Can you please either mail me the answers for these questions or post it in this website?
  19. SAHANA October 5, 2012 |
    Answer to the question no 3 is 31....
  20. Khushboo October 2, 2012 |
    the answer for 13th is: the only way to solve this puzzle is to move like a horse.
  21. Ramesh Barot September 28, 2012 |
    Answer also required so we can check our knowledge. Only questions create confusions and doubts
  22. Manish Kumar Mishra September 25, 2012 |
    I also want the answers for the given questions. I was to solve more than 2 questions.
  23. manikarnika September 24, 2012 |
    GOOD!!! What about answers?
  24. Gopal August 27, 2012 |
    Answer for Question3 is 30 1^2+2^2+3^2+4^2 = 30
  25. Candice August 25, 2012 |
    The answer to question 3 is 30. theres One 4x4 's, Four 3x3 's, Nine 2x2 's, Sixteen 1x1 's.
  26. ajay July 6, 2012 |
    ans to question no-3 is 26
  27. Kohila June 24, 2012 |
    3 answer 34 squares
  28. sheetal j kapadia May 25, 2012 |
    ans to que:31 "heADAChe"
  29. csearuna April 26, 2012 |
    28) answer for question no 28 is A--> Andreas and B--> Christos
  30. Ghanshyam Agarwal April 21, 2012 |
    Ans to ques 1: English letter start and end with 'he' is one is 'Headache' and another is 'Heartache'
  31. Ghanshyam Agarwal April 21, 2012 |
    Answer to ques 3: Numbers of squares is 30
  32. Sunaina April 5, 2012 |
    Answer to ques 5 is: Bill Clinton
  33. Sunaina April 5, 2012 |
    Answer to ques 3: Number of squares is 28.
  34. Sunaina April 5, 2012 |
    Answer to first question is Headache
  35. Pranitha March 14, 2012 |
    interesting quiz
  36. venkat February 18, 2012 |
    que.-3 answer is-26
  37. sreekanth February 11, 2012 |
    answer to 17 th que is 42101000
  38. manoj January 14, 2012 |
    Answer to 16 is 8
  39. manoj January 14, 2012 |
    answer to 3 is 31
  40. Priyanka November 17, 2011 |
    Nice puzzles.. give the answers dude
  41. Bharat Pattani September 26, 2011 |
    pl. mail me ans. to the above quiz. Also mail me regularly quiz questionas with ans. My family is very much interested in it. Regards. Bharat Pattani
  42. Kunal August 4, 2011 |
    quiz no. 13) can the 3rd row 5th column be made move from moves?
  43. Shivani February 3, 2011 |
    The questions of this site are good, but it will be nice if the answer are also given at the end atleast.
  44. Anindya June 17, 2009 |
    The question set is very well balanced, i.e. nice mix of different difficulty levels and topics. Can we have the answers published please. It is like a bad itch not to be able to confirm the answers...

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