Week#5 iQDigest for download

This week, we have more questions than usual for Level C. Also, try solving a very ‘special’ crossword. Some sample questions across levels.

  • Level A: What is the place of worship of Jews called?
  • Level A: The reflection of which mountain can be seen on Lake Kawaguchi?
  • Level B: Which is the language that Jesus spoke in?
  • Level B: Philae probe from the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft became the first one to land on what?
  • Level C: A medical instrument found in almost all clinics is a sphygmomanometer. What does it measure?
  • Level C: This battle was fought in Mont St John, but is known by a different name. This is because of the habit of the person involved of naming battles after the places he stayed the night before. Which battle?

Download the pdfs at https://www.iqgarage.com/iqdigest.

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