KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 42 – October 28

Questions and Answers from Episode 42 – October 28 of KBC Season 8
(GBBJ) Which of these phrases has a reference to war?
A. Mahabharata Machana B. Purana Padhna C. Upanishad Uthana D. Ramayana Rachna
Ans: A. Mahabharata Machana

(80000) In which sport does Saketh Myneni win a gold medal and a silver medal in the Incheon Games representing India?
a. tennis b. badminton c. table tennis d. squash
Ans. tennis

(1,60,000) Who is the author of the recently published book NOT JUST AN AUTHOR?
a. Raghuram Rajan b. Arvind Kejriwal c. Markhande Katju d. Vinod Rai
Ans. Vinod Rai

(3,20,000) Ruquaia Begum was the wife of which Mughal Emperor?
a. Aurangzeb b. Akbar c. Jahangir d. Humayun
Ans. Akbar

(6,40,000) Which of these brands is named after a French opera which is set in India?
a. Limca b. Loreal c. Lakme d. Lux
Ans. Lakme

(FFF) Starting with the earliest, arrange these female politicians in order in which they became members of Parliament?
a. Smriti Irani b. Sushma Swaraj c. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit d. Indira Gandhi

(5000) According to a Madhuri Dixit movie what is Dedh?
a. bewakufia b. sishkia c. yaariyaan d. isquiya
Ans. isquiya

(10000) Which of these is not a crispy snack?
a. papad b. khakhra c. papri d. dhokhla
Ans. dhokhla

(40000) Which of these festivals is celebrated in the month of Maagh?
a. Vasant Panchami b. Ganesh Chaturthi c. Buddha Purnima d. Ram Navami
Ans. Vasant Panchami

(FFF) Starting with the earliest, arrange these cricketers in order in which they made their ODI debut.
a. Yuvraj Singh b. Shikhar Dhawan c. Rahul Dravid d. Stuart Binny

(5000) In which of these sports does a player not require any equipment?
a. polo b. kabaddi c. gili-danda d. snooker
Ans. kabaddi

(10000) What is the taste of pure water?
a. bitter b. tasteless c. sweet d. salty
Ans. tasteless

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