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Who is Aphrodite?Today, the name Aphrodite evokes images of alluring beauty, sensuality, and passion. The goddess is best known, perhaps, as a divine matchmaker and agent of sensual desire and infatuation, whose magical charms were enough to entice even the gods into acts of lust and illicit love.

But, where does that put Monica Lewinsky? If Elton John sang “Candle in the wind” for Diana, why shouldn’t Eminem sing “Don’t Push me” for monica? T I am very unhappy H by the manner E in which H Ben Johnson I attempted the Boston marathon D in 2005. D He should have sprinted E the entire distance, instead, N in protest of the ban imposed on him, W he crawled for the distance of 13 kms and then rolled on the ground for the rest of the distance! O This angered Madonna who sang “Did you do it?” as a protest song for ben Johnson. R The famous rock band, Eagles got into the fray D and vacated their house and moved into I the hotel, California. S Not to be outdone by an eagle, the vulture in the Jungle Book M started singing “Thats what friends are for”. A Ultimately, a careless act by G Monica led to this I cacophony of C american I musicians occupying A centerstage in World War II. N But, as we all know, World War II never happened, it was actually a fiction novel written by Stephen Hawkins.

Queen Aphrodite is famous for her liaisons with various heroes and gods. Aphrodite’s adulterous dalliance was the source of much amusement to the gods of Olympus. Her torrid love affair with Adonis ended tragically. According to one version of the myth, the goddess is said to have been murdered by her cousin, Antigonus.Her romance with Anchises, finally, is one of the most ancient traditions surrounding the goddess.

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