Microsoft Calculator Pro

Microsoft has decided to launch MCP (Microsoft Calculator Pro) as their flagship product from 2009. This product’s new version is capable of solving mathematical problems posed in the natural language and is currently in the System test phase and the ST team has raised numerous critical defects for the development team. The product manager needs your help to verify the results of few complicated calculations.

The six mathematical calculations which MCP is having problems with, are given below. The product manager wants to compare your results with the results shown by the software. So, please do the calculations and once you get the answers, anagram it and get the password for this clue.

1) Number of Oscars won by Titanic – 2


3) The number of stars in the Universe (as of 24th March 2009 morning 9.23 am) is 4.2 x 10^24 . The average Cypriot family has 2.3 kids. So, if there are 43560 square feet in an acre, how many humps do 461 dromedary camels have?

4) 0!

5) Number of biscuits in a baker’s dozen + Number of stars on the American Flag + 3

6) 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841?71693993751058209749445923078164

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