KBC 8 – Questions and Answers from Episode 39 – October 22

Questions and Answers from Episode 39 – October 22 of KBC Season 8
(GBBJ) Which of these is also known as ‘Chiniya Badam’?
A. Almond B. Peanut C. Walnut D. Sweet potato

(FFF) Arrange these cities in order in which they are situated from north to south?
a. Srinagar b. Hyderabad c. Bengaluru d. Lucknow

(5000) In the popular proverb Dum Dabakar Bhagna,what is the meaning of Dum?
a. khazana b. Hathiyar c. poonch d. gardan
Ans. poonch

(10000) Which of these geometrical instruments resembles a half moon?
a. ruler b. protractor c. compass d. divider
Ans. protractor

(20000) Which of these actresses has a daughter who is an established actress?
a. Vaijantimala b. Sridevi c. Sarika d. Neetu Singh
Ans. Sarika

(80000) Which endangered animal of the Kutch region in India has a wildlife sanctuary named after it?
a. nilgai b. wild ass c. wild boar d. Asiatic lion
Ans. wild ass

(1,60,000) Which of these players made his ODI and test debut for India in the same year?
a. Stuart Binny b. Rohit Sharma c. Ajinkya Rahane d. Ravindra Jadeja
Ans. Stuart Binny

(3,20,000) Which Danava king was the architect for both the Gods and Asuras?
a. Sukracharya b. Viswakarma c. Sunda d. Maya
Ans. Maya

(6,40,000) The first film to get a national award for Best Feature film was made in which language?
a. Bengali b. Marathi c. Hindi d. Malayalam
Ans. Marathi

(FFF) Starting from 1947,arrange these political events related to India in chronological order.
a. first woman prime minister b. first general elections c. freedom from British rule d. first woman president

(5000) While driving a vehicle which of these documents is not mandatory?
a. aadhar card b. driver’s license c. insurance certificate d. registration certificate
Ans. aadhar card

(10000) Ata Majhi Satakli is a line made famous by which of these movie characters?
a. Rowdy Rathore b. Bhiku Mhatre c. Chulbul Pandey d. Bajirao Singham
Ans. Bajirao Singham

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