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I have started a monthly quiz in my society. Each quiz has a separate section for kids. These are the questions used in the November edition.

What is the National Aquatic animal of India? Ganges River Dolphin

Which movie’s story is about 16-year-old Indian boy who survives a shipwreck and is stranded in the Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger? Life of Pi

Which neighbouring country of India has a lion on it flag? Sri Lanka

Who was the first man on the moon? Neil Armstrong

On a standard computer keyboard,which number shares the key with the exclamation mark? 1

Whose official residence and main workplace in India is 7, Race course road? PM/Manmohan Singh

Identify the instrument he is playing. Bagpipes
[frame src=”http://www.iqgarage.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/3-224×300.jpg” target=”_self” align=”center” prettyphoto=”false”]

To which doctor would you go for a “root canal” treatment? Dentist

What does one who practices cartography make? Maps

Which sport uses a ball that has dimples? Golf

This is a colourful traditional garment worn in Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and few other countries. It is a close relative of the white coloured garment known as mundu in Kerala. What? Lungi

If we call it as a cyclone or a typhoon in the Indian Ocean, what is the term used if it happen in the Atlantic Ocean? Hurricane

What is the expansion of pin in pin code –> postal index number

Identify. Clue: Chess Player. Magnus Carlsen
[frame src=”http://www.iqgarage.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/6-290×300.jpg” target=”_self” align=”center” prettyphoto=”false”]

What is the informal name of the mission to Mars launched by ISRO recently? Mangalyaan

M.O.D is a shop you will find in many malls. What do the letters M.O.D stand for? Mad over doughnuts

Sergei Brin and Larry Page started which company in Sep 1998? Google

How do we better know Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina? Pope Francis

In Arabic, what does the word Sahara mean? Desert

The 787 Dreamliner is an aircraft model from which company? Boeing

What is the name of this aircraft carrier which joined our navy recently? INS Vikramaditya
[frame src=”http://www.iqgarage.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/10carrier-300×246.jpg” target=”_self” align=”center” prettyphoto=”false”]

The German name of which day of the week is Mittwoch literally means “middle of the week”? Wednesday

Gobi, Atacama and Taklamakan are all names of what? Deserts

Which food item you get often in malls increases 20 to 40 times the original size when heated to about 200°C? Popcorns

Which is the biggest presidential residence in the world? Rashtrapati Bhavan

The song Kilimanjaro from the film Robot was shot at which of the New Seven Wonders of the World? Machu Pichu

The golden gate bridge is a famous landmark of which american city? San Francisco

What is the maximum character limit for a standard SMS? 160

The inspiration for which game occurred to the creator when he saw a slice missing from a pizza? Pacman

In which city would you find the Indian Institute of Science (i need the new name of the city) bengaluru

Dr Christiaan Barnard was the first surgeon to transplant which organ of the human body? Heart

What kitchen device was invented accidentally when Percy Spencer’s chocolate bar melted while he was experimenting on radar systems? Microwave

This equipment has parts like stretcher, runner and the crook handle and gets it name from Latin word for ‘shade’. Umbrella after Umbra

Which is the largest land carnivore (size)? Polar Bear

Which continent’s highest mountain peak is Kilimanjaro? Africa

Which international landmark, completed in 1889, is named after its designer Gustave? Eiffel

Identify the person on whom this google Doodle is based. Sir C V Raman
[frame src=”http://www.iqgarage.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/20-300×116.jpg” target=”_self” align=”center” prettyphoto=”false”]

This image shows what each country leads in. What does India lead in? Movies
[frame src=”http://www.iqgarage.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/20map-500×299.jpg” target=”_self” align=”center” prettyphoto=”false”]

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