A General knowledge quiz for NGO Kids

As part of the children’s day celebration at my workplace, our CSR team had invited many kids (who were part of a mentor-ship program) for a full day of fun. One of the activities was a general knowledge quiz. These are the questions from the prelims.

  1. This city, whose name is said to have been derived from Sanskrit for “City of Virtue” (Punya Nagari) is the eight largest in India and is situated around 550 metres above sea level on the Deccan plateau. Which city?
  2. Which neighbouring country of India has a lion on it flag?
  3. How many grams are there in 2 KG?
  4. Which part of the body protects the heart and the lungs?
  5. Which is the continent that has no rivers?
  6. Chatrapati Sivaji Internal terminus is in which city?
  7. Which is the bird that can turn its head all the way around?
  8. Who is the character in Ramayana who leaped up and swallowed the sun mistaking it for a fruit?
  9. What is the hindi term for a googly bowled by a bowler in cricket?
  10. All Rajdhani express trains leave from or arrive at this city.
  11. Which is the last planet in the Solar System?
  12. What does the M in ATM stand for?
  13. What is the Indian equivalent of a burger?
  14. What is the party symbol of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)?
  15. Where does the president of India live in Delhi?
  16. Kaziranga National Park in Assam is home to the largest population of the one-horned variety of which animal?
  17. The German name of which day of the week literally means “middle of the week”?
  18. Which is the tallest mountain in Maharashtra?
  19. What is the name of Chhota Bheem’s pet monkey?
  20. What was the informal name of the mission to Mars launched by ISRO? The formal name was “Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)”.
  21. What would a doctor ask you to take to see if there is a problem in your bones?
  22. Who is the only cricketer to his two double centuries in ODIs?
  23. The Ostrich is the largest bird. Another flightless bird is the second largest. Which one?
  24. The male of which sea creature carries the eggs in its pouch and fertilizes them internally?
  25. Oil is made from the Copra of this fruit. Which fruit?

Answers in the first comment.

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  1. KATAKAM VEERABHADRA RAO November 26, 2014 |
  2. Rajaram S November 23, 2014 |
    Answers to the quiz. 1.Pune 2.Sri Lanka 3.2000 4.Ribcage 5.Antarctica 6.Mumbai 7.Owl 8.Hanuman 9.Doosra 10New Delhi 11Neptune 12Machine 13Vada Pav 14Broom 15Rashtrapati Bhavan 16Rhino 17Wednesday 18Kalsubai 19Jaggu 20Mangalyaan 21XRay 22Rohit Sharma 23Emu 24Sea Horse 25Coconut

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