November 100 Rupee Quiz – Answers

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Quiz 3 – November 20th

1) The picture below is a snapshot taken of a Channel V programme sometime during last month. If you see the image properly, you will notice that something is missing as compared to the usual Channel V telecasts. Why is this missing or who is responsible for it to go missing?

The ‘V’ is missing and was taken by “DON”

2) How do we better know the Oral Contraceptive which first made its appearance in the name of Enovid?
The Pill

3) Identify the person who is seen typing the first edition of his “to-be-very-famous” magazine. Sorry for the poor quality. I grabbed this from a youtube video where this person shows around his house.

Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame

4)This quiz was released on Nov 20th. In memory of which significant event did most of the world observe 2 minutes silence at 11 AM, 9 days ago ?
Armistice Day, the official end of world war I on November 11, 1918

5) What is common to the terms “360flip-sexchange”, “pretzel-flip” , “gazellespin” , “nose-hook impossible” , “halfcab-heelflip”? (Note: There are hundreds of other terms similar to the ones listed)
Skateboarding trick names

6) Six fat British Teenagers are put into a camp to give them the knowledge and the training to change their lifestyles, so that they are transformed physically and emotionally. This is a reality show on an UK channel whose name is a parody of the name of a famous Jennifer Love Hewitt starrer. What is the name of this show?
I know what you ate last summer

7) piano : pianoforte :: perks: perquisites:: pants : ?? :: pub : ??
pantaloons and public house

8) Identify the place shown by the blue arrow.

Schengen of Schengen Visa Fame.

9) Identify this woman.

Nancy Pelosi, the current House Minority Leader and the likely Speaker of the House in USA

10) Which state in India has its only official language as English?
Nagaland. Check the wikipedia article

11) General opinion is that there are two different species of the Elephant. But, DNA analysis have shown that there are actually three. What are the names of the these three?
African Savannah Elephant, the African Forest Elephant (until recently known collectively as the African Elephant), and the Asian Elephant (also known as the Indian Elephant)

12) Charles Dickens : The Mystery of Edwin Drood :: F. Scott Fitzgerald : ??
The Last Tycoon, Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished novel

13) What is the name of the chart below used for checking vision?

Snellen Chart

14) What is the name of the mammal shown below ?


15) Which are the two alphabets in scrabble, which will get you maximum points and how many ?
Q and Z, each worth 10 points

16) Who wrote the autobiography of Nelson Mandela “Long walk to Freedom”?
Autobiography, so has to be Nelson Mandela himself!

17) Where would you find the Island of Langerhans?
In the Pancreas!!

18) Around the year 2000, an article appeared in the Economic Times whose headline read: “Now there is going to be lot of SEX on clean Singapore roads”. What was the article about?
This was related to the issuing of license plates. The administration was about to exhaust all the combinations of SEV and SEW. So, the next in line was SEX!

19) The chinese symbol for a woman is . What does this symbol showing two women under something “represent” ? Btw, there is no such actual chinese chracter and it is only a myth.

20) Identify this flower.

Rafflesia, supposedly the largest flower in the world

21) What is the area shaded in black dots better known as ?

Bermuda Triangle. In case you don’t know about the claim to fame of this rehion, check the wikipedia article on the Bermuda Triangle

22) came third. came second. Who was first ?

Aishwarya Rai, Miss World 1994.

23) What is the claim to fame of
The first ever domain name to be registered

24) In the advertisement for Bajaj Platina, this bike is supposed to deliver 108 _____ per litre. Fill in the blank.
Accepting both smiles/style. I saw the ad last month showing 108 style per litre, but i could never catch it again. There were many ( who i consulted offline) who said that it was 108 smiles per litre.

25) Identify the marked place.

Jal Mahal, Jaipur

26) Today (Nov 20th) is celebrated as “Universal ____ day”. Fill in the blank.
Universal Children’s Day

27) Identify the castle below, recently in the news.

Odescalchi castle, where Tom Cruise’s and Katie Holmes’ wedding took place

28) What comes in the Following flavours (some of many): Praline & Cream, Macadamia Nut Brittle, Belgian Chocolate, vanilla, Cookies & Cream and Strawberry Cheesecake ?
Flavours of Haagen Dazs ice cream. They are the best!

29) The photo below won the World Press Photo of the year 2004. Where was it taken?

Accepting Tamil Nadu/India/Chennai along with the mention of Tsunami. This photo was taken by Indian photographer Arko Datta on 28th December 2004.

30) Connect “I”, “I Still” and “I’ll Always”.
-know what you did last summer- the parts 1,2 and 3 of the movie.

31) This French phrase originally (in the 16/17th century) was a polite way of asking people “How was your visit to the toilet”, because many of the royal people at that time suffered from digestion problems caused by the rich food. So, this phrase was kind of used to enquire about their state of well-being. But, nowadays this is probably the first thing you would say if you meet a French-speaking person. What phrase ?
“Comment allez-vous”. Check out this page for further explanations

32) Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol was responsible for introducing the word scrooge into the English language. It also helped popularise another phrase. What phrase?
Merry Christmas

33) Of which organisation is this the logo.


34)What is the name of the place below?

Carhenge, in Alliance, Nebraska , modelled on the famous Stone Henge.

35)Identify the falls below located at the border of argentina and brazil.

Iguazu Falls

Hope you enjoyed the November Quiz.