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A certain person links Olympic Rowing, The U.S Presidential election and a widely selling book on childcare. Who is he?
Dr. Benjamin Spock

Former UEFA Champions League winners Galatasaray are based in which city?

If all the batsmen of a cricket team were to be dismissed for nought off the first ball faced, then what would be the position of the batsman who is not out at the end of the innings?

‘Z’ is the autobiography of which former test cricket captain?
Zaheer Abbas

To which country does Benfica FC belong?

Where in the world would you find the Woollongabba Park?

Which three nations have participated in all the modern Olympics held since 1896?
France, Switzerland, Greece

The Macrobertson International Shield is contested for which sport?

A certain cricket ground in England is well known for a tree inside it’s playing perimeter. If a shot hits the tree without bouncing on the ground then it is counted as six while a grounded hit goes as four. The peculiar thing is that sometimes the ball lands in the proximity of the tree and goes past it but if the fielder retrieves the ball without touching the bark then the standard running rules apply. Where is this exception found?

‘The art of cricket’ and ‘The art of Captaincy’ have been written by _______.
Mike Brearley

He’s Zimbabwean, He’s White and he’s a prominent golfer. Who?
Nick Faldo

Who replaced the injured David Richardson as the wicket keeper of the South African cricket team for the 1996 Wills world cup?
Steve Palframan

Andrew Symonds plauyed for which English county before moving to Australia?

Diego Maradona scored his infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal against which country in the 1986 World cup?

India beat Spain to claim the Men’s Field hockey gold at the 1980 Olympics.What was the scoreline?

Boris Becker won his last wimbledon singles title in …

Mike Powell broke the old standing Lomg Jump world record in 1991. What was the exact mark he set?

Yannick Noah, the dashing French tennis player of the 80’s is ethnically of which nationality?

Which Malaysian sport involves the rallying of a ball between two sides on either side of a net, by means of legs only?

The IAAF declared Carl Lewis the best male athlete of the century(among living persons). Who took the honour among the ladies?
Fanny Blankers Koen

At the Melbourne Olympics(1956), the equestrian events had to be shifted to another city since Melbourne did not have the requisite facilities. Which city?

Steven Redgrave won his fifth Olympic gold at Sydney2000. Which discipline does he excel in?
Coxless fours rowing

Which Zimbabwean cricketer of Greek origin grew up in Egypt and played his first class cricket in South Africa? He played his last test at the age of 43.
John Traicos

Apart from being a movie icon, Errol Flynn was also accomplished in a certain sport. In fact, he even represented his country at the Olympics. Which sport?

121 consecutive wins in 400m hurdle races. There’s only one man who fits the bill. Who?
Edwin Moses

Which international sports organisation contributes the most number of disciplines to the Olympics?

Andre Aggasi struck the Olympic tennis gold at Atlanta. His father Emmanuel Aggassini was also an Olympian at Helsinki(1952). Which nation did he represent?

Australia’s captain during the infamous bodyline series of 1932-33 was also the grandfather of greats Ian and Greg Chappell. Identify him.
Bill Woodfull

The John Player League was the precursor to which prominent first class cricket competition?
Sunday League

Which of these was contested in the Games for the first time in 1996?
Ans: softball

The Netherlands were the only country at Atlanta to win two men”s team-sport events. One was in hockey. The other in?
Ans: Volleyball

Which was the only team-sport at Atlanta which was won by the same country in both the men”s and women”s competitions?
Ans: Basketball

The U.S. women”s gymnastics squad took the team gold after _____ hobbled up and completed her final gutsy vault in the 1996 Games” most compelling moment. Who?
Ans: Kerri Strug

The 1996 mascot”s name was changed from ”____ the alien” to Izzy the alien.
Ans: Whatzit

Which venue was rocked by the bomb blast at Atlanta ”96 ?
Ans: The Centennial Olympic Park

At Atlanta ”96, swimmer, _______ became the first American woman to win four golds in a single Games…
Ans: Amy Van Dyken

They finally ended the US domination of the men”s 4x100m relay at Atlanta ”96. Which nation?
Ans: Canada

The USA won every tennis event at Atlanta except…?
Ans: Men”s doubles

Connect the following: Dream Team 96, Ohio, Dr. Alzheimer
Ans: Muhammed ‘Cassius Clay’ Ali

India might well have won a gold medal, had badminton been introduced into the Olympic Games while the great Prakash Padukone was around. In which year was it finally included in the summer games?
Ans: Barcelona 1992

Which team did India defeat en route to the facile field hockey triumph at Moscow 1980?
Ans: Spain

The lobster came very close to being the mascot of the Barcelona games. What was the reason stated for its rejection by the official committee?
Ans: It would look ridiculous on a bicycle

Which country”s ””Eagles”” won the Olympic soccer event at Atlanta 1996?
Ans: Nigeria

Name the Brazilian player who was defeated by India””s Leander Paes in the lawn tennis bronze medal match at Atlanta 1996.
Ans: Fernando Melegini

Inspite of being World, Asian and Commonwealth champion and world record holder in his event, Jaspal Rana has never won an Olympic medal because his particular event isn”t on the Olympic itinerary. His event is…?
Ans: Centre-fire pistol

She too did a 200-400 double at Atlanta though she was grossly overshadowed by Micheal Johnson of the US. Name the athlete.
Ans: Mary Jose-Perec

Steffi Graf”s victory in the Seoul Olympic Games after winning the Grand Slam that year was hailed as what?
Ans: The Gold Slam

India”s Leander Paes and Ramesh Krishnan were only one match away from at least a bronze in the men”s doubles tennis event at Barcelona, where there was no third place tie and semi-finalists were assured a medal. Which pair did they lose to?
Ans: Ivanesevic and Ppric (CRO)

Who said this to whom “Had you been in my army, I would have made you a colonel”?
Ans: Hitler to Dhyan Chand

The Unified team won the men”s; South Korea the women”s – 1992, Barcelona. Name the sport.
Ans: Handball

Gymnast Vitaly Scherbo, competing for the Unified Team, won six golds at Barcelona. Which Russian republic does he hail from?
Ans: Belarus

Hwang Young-Cho won Asia’s only men’s track and field gold at Barcelona. Which event?
Ans: Marathon

The IOC threw the Games open to professional athletes for the first time in?
Ans: Barcelona 1992

Inspite of not winning a gold, she was the leading medal winner among the women at Barcelona. Name her.
Ans: Shannon Miller

Sitter: Mascot of the 92 Barcelona Olympics?
Ans: Cobi the dog

At Barcelona ”92, Germany competed under one flag for the first time since…?
Ans: 1964

Which country has won the baseball gold at every Olympics till date?
Ans: Cuba

Gail Devers”, (winner of the women”s 100m sprint at Barcelona) feet had nearly been amputated by doctors in 1990 as a result of radiation treatment for which disease?
Ans: Grave”s disease

China”s Fu Mingxia, 13, became the second-youngest person to win an individual gold medal. Which event did she win in? (Barcelona ”92)
Ans: diving

Jackie Joyner Kersee’s two golds at Seoul made the women’s track and field a family affair after Florence had dominated the sprints. Florence is Jackie’s ______ ?
Ans: sister-in-law

Who was adjudged the ‘Athlete of the Games’ for 6 golds in the pool at Seoul?
Ans: Kristin Otto (GDR)

Only one world record was set in the men’s track events at Seoul 1988. Which event?
Ans: 4x400m relay

Which African country boycotted the 1988 Seoul Games in support of Cuba and North Korea?
Ans: Ethiopia

Only one of Florence Griffith Joyner’s 4 medals at Seoul was not gold. In which event did she have to settle for silver?
Ans: 4×100 relay

The reason for North Korea”s boycott of the Seoul Games was?
Ans: The IOC had rejected North Korea””s bid to co-host the Games.

This oarsman from New Zealand finished the Seoul games with one each of gold silver and bronze … a first in Olympic canoeing history.
Ans: Paul McDonald

First Olympic men’s tennis champ (1988 Seoul) ?
Ans: Miloslav Mecir (CZE)

His gold,silver,bronze tally at the end of the Seoul Games read 5-1-1. Who?
Ans: Matt Biondi, Aquatics

What made legendary Greg Louganis” unprecedented defense of his two Olympic diving titles all the more amazing and inspiring?
Ans: He had injured himself on the first dive

TIME magazine was so impressed by the success of the 1984 LA Games that it did something special. What?
Ans: It named the organizing president of the Games as its Man of the Year.

We all know Carl Lewis won four golds at LA 1984. But do we know who matched his four golds and even had an extra silver?
Ans: Ecaterina Szab (ROM)

Who won Australia’s only gold in track and field at LA 1984?
Ans: Glynis Nunn

The first ever privately funded Olympic Games were?
Ans: Los Angeles 1984

Nicknamed the ‘mosquito weight’ which event is for the lightest boxers at the Olympics?
Ans: Light flyweight

Both the 20 km and the 50 km walks at LA 84 were won by athletes from one country. Which?
Ans: Mexico

USA won gold in basketball at LA 1984 in both men’s and women’s comptetions. Which country’s men and women took the handball golds at the same Games?
Ans: Yugoslavia

At LA ’84, Sebastian Coe of Britain became the first repeat winner of the 1,500 meters since Jim Lightbody of the U.S. in ___?
Ans: 1906 Athens

The only Warsaw Pact nation which attended the 1984 LA Games ?
Ans: Romania

Under 5 feet tall, American, Mary Lou Retton prevented a Romanian clean sweep of the women’s gymnastics events and became the darling of the Games by winning gold in this event …
Ans: The Women’s all-round

The mascot of the 1980 games was a Russian brown bear. Name her.
Ans: Misha

The only team sport that the Soviet women didn’t win at Moscow was field hockey. Who won?
Ans: Zimbabwe

Captain of India’s gold medal winning hockey team at Moscow?
Ans: V Bhaskaran

The finals of the men’s 1500m at Moscow was one of the most thrilling races of all time. Sebastian Coe came from behind to beat arch-rival and good friend, compatriot Steve Ovett. Who took bronze in that race?
Ans: Jurgen Straub

Who became the first athlete to win eight medals in one year at Moscow 1980?
Ans: Aleksandr Dityatin

The last time a white man won the 100m dash in an Olympic Games was at Moscow 1980. Name him?
Ans: Allan Wells

At Moscow 1980 Cuban heavyweight Teofilo Stevenson became the first boxer to … ?
Ans: Win gold in the same class in three Olympic Games

Miruts Yifter of Ethiopia completed a double at Moscow 1980. Which two events did he win?
Ans: 5,000m and 10,000m

Who pressurised the US Olympic Committee into boycotting the 1980 games after he was snubbed by the IOC?
Ans: Jimmy Carter

The USA and 63 other countries boycotted Moscow 1980 to protest against?
Ans: The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

Nadia Comaneci got the first ever perfect ten at Montreal 1976. But how many 10s did she get at the Games totally?
Ans: seven

He would have emulated fellow Finn Paavo Nurmi’s three long distance golds, but he finished fifth in the marathon after taking gold in the 5000m and 10000m at Montreal. Who?
Ans: Lasse Viren

Taiwan withdrew from Montreal 1976 because Canada did not allow it to participate as the Republic of China. Why?
Ans: China was Canada’s biggest trading partner.

The most complete domination ever seen in an Olympic pool was seen at Montreal where the American men won ___ out of the 13 swimming golds.
Ans: 12

Kornelia Ender of East Germany and John Naber of the USA won an equal number of golds in the pool at Montreal. How many?
Ans: 4

The only non-Soviet, non-East German woman to win a race at Montreal, she set a world record to win the 400m gold. Name her.
Ans: Irena K. Szewinska, (POL)

Anders Grdeud, who broke the world record en route to steeplechase gold at Montreal hails from which country?
Ans: Sweden

Who was voted by the IOC as female Olympian of the century?
Ans: Fannie Blankers-Cohen (NED)

Alberto Juantorena’s double in the 400 and 800 at Montreal was made easier due to the boycott of African Nations. Why did they boycott?
Ans: New Zealand’s rugby tour of South Africa

Who won the Montreal field hockey gold, entering the competition as rank outsiders, inspite of all the hockey superpowers sporting full strength teams?
Ans: New Zealand

Nigel Mansell, Jim Clark and Jacque Villeneuve all have a unique back to back achievement to their names. What is it ?
Ans: F1 & Indycar Champion

The British Grand Prix is held at Silverstone every year. Donington Park has seen F1 races in the past. For which track is Nicola Foulston challenging Silverstone’s right to hold the British Grand Prix in the future ?
Ans: Brands Hatch

1999 saw the advent of a new venue for F1 racing. Which track was it ?
Ans: Sepang, Malaysia

More a manager and a racing car constructor, he started life with Alfa Romeo. His own sports car appeared in 1940. His cars have won the Le Mans 24 Hours race many a time, though recently his cars are doing exceptionally well in F1 in the hands of the world’s highest paid driver. The entire world mourned when he died.
Ans: Enzo Ferrari

This company has an out and out racing pedigree. This company”s team was the first to introduce ground effects to F1. Everybody followed thereafter. The Caterham Super Seven and the Indian Kari 65 sports cars are both derived from this company”s first offering in 1957.
Ans: Lotus

She was the first woman driver to ever score a point (actually half a point because of premature stoppage) in a F1 World Championship race by finishing sixth in the 1975 Spanish GP. After starting in 12 F1 GPs, she turned to sports and touring car racing. She died at the age of 48 in 1992 in Milan from cancer.
Ans: Lella Lombardi

Formula Junior was a stepping stone for F1 drivers in the late fifties and early sixies. Which Indian car available till recently, had the very same engine which was used very successfully by Italian constructor Stanguellini to dominate the series till the advent of rear engined cars from England ?
Ans: Premier Padmini (Fiat 1100D)

Alain Prost was a World Champion driver. His nickname is The Professor. He is still involved in F1 with his own team. Which team did he take over to form the Prost team ?
Ans: Ligier

This is a sitter. How many human beings every year, have the privilege of racing on the Formula – 1 circuit?
Ans: 24

An Australian triple World Champion, he started 126 GPs and won 14 of them. 7 of those wins were in cars bearing his own name powered by Holden-Repco engines. The other 7 were in Coopers. In 1966 he became the first driver to win a World Championship race in a car with his own name.
Ans: Sir Jack Brabham

Sunil Gavaskar and G.R. Vishvanath have a special bonding besides having played a lot of test cricket together. What is their relationship?
Ans: Gavaskar is married to Vishvanath’s sister

Saqlain Mushtaq and Chetan Sharma share a unique feat in One Day Cricket. Identify it.
Ans: They took Hatricks in the World Cup

New Zealand made its entry into the international cricket scene in January 1930. Who was its first captain?
T.C. Lowrie

Which test umpire is also a qualified international football referee?
Steve Bucknor

How many times has Don Bradman been twelfth man for a test?

Who was the New Zealand bowler who created a record of sorts by facing 77 deliveries before getting out on a duck?
Geoff Allott

Which cricketer has taken the maximum number of catches in one day internationals?
Mohammed Azharuddin

What is India’s highest score in test cricket?

Who was the first Indian batsman to bat on all five days of a test?
M.L. Jaisimha

Against which team did India become the first to get out twice in the same day during a test match?

What is the lowest score in one-day cricket and made by whom?
43 by Pakistan

Who was the captain of the West Indies cricket team at the time of the famous Tied Test?
Frank Worrell

There have been two instances in one day cricket where the entire winning team has been given the Man of the Match Award. Name the winning teams.
ns: New Zealand and Pakistan

Which English batsman’s record of 905 runs in a five test series did Don Bradman break in 1930?
Ans: Walter Hammond

Against which team has Sachin Tendulkar scored his fastest century in one day internationals?
Ans: Zimbabwe

Name the first counties to win the English County Championship in 1873 (it was shared).
Ans: Gloucestershire and Nottinghamshire

Where was the now obsolete position long stop situated?
Ans: Directly behind the wicket keeper

Who is the Indian who has scored the fastest one day century?
Ans: Mohammed Azharuddin

Who were the teams involved in the first tied one day match?
Ans: Australia and West Indies

What are the best bowling figures in one day internationals and by whom?
Ans: 7- 37 by Aaqib Javed

What nickname did the Australian press give to the English batsman J. Douglas, because of his style of batting?
Ans: Johnny Won’t Hit Today

Name the venue of the first test match played on Indian soil.
Ans: Bombay Gymkhana Ground, Mumbai

Who bowled the first ball in test cricket?
Ans: A. Shaw

We all know that Sir Donald Bradman has scored 29 centuries. How many of these were double centuries, not counting his two triple centuries?
Ans: 10

Name the New Zealand cricketer who recently made a double century on his debut.
Ans: Mathew Sinclair

Name the two countries that played a famous Timeless Test from 3rd to 14th March, 1939.
Ans: South Africa and England

Which country won the first test played after both the First and Second World Wars?
Ans: Australia

Which of these three famous poets was a keen cricketer at school level, even representing their school?
Ans: George Gordon Byron

Who has been the oldest debutante in test match cricket?
Ans: James Southerton

Name the former Australian bowler who now hosts a T.V. show on the AXN channel.
Ans: Mike Whitney

Against which team did B.B. Nimbalkar score the highest score by an Indian at the first class level (443 n.o.)?
Ans: Kathiawar

Against which country did Mohammed Azharuddin lead India for the first time?
Ans: New Zealand

In only his third test, Don Bradman became the youngest ever test centurion with a second innings score of?
Ans: 112

How was Bradman dismissed in his last test match?
Ans: Bowled

The Don was born on the 27th of _____, 1908.
Ans: August

The young Don developed a ball game in his backyard. This unusual game involved throwing a golf ball at the round brick base of a water tank, and then hitting the ball with a ____?
Ans: Cricket Stump

Mark Taylor felt honoured to have his name alongside Bradman’s – both sharing the highest individual Australian test score of?
Ans: 334

Bradman was dropped only once in his career. Why?
Ans: Poor performance in the previous game

Bradman holds the record for the maximum number of scores above 200. How many?
Ans: 12

The Don’s debut test was also the first test match ever to be played at?
Ans: The Gabba, Brisbane

Bradman is the only man to have crossed this landmark of test runs against a single country (England). Which landmark?
Ans: 4000

Bradman’s entire fortune and interests are looked after by a private organization named?
Ans: The Bradman Foundation