NVOK 2013 – Episode 9 – Questions

Questions from NVOK 2013 – Episode 9 – March 22, 2012

(1000)In the following, what is the meaning of ‘Ekkachakamaka’?
a. Mikavum kuraivanathu b. Tharamanathu c. Mikavum athikamanathu d. Tharam illathathu
Ans. Mikavum athikamanathu

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(2000)The famous Punjab off spinner’s petname is given to one food item what is it?
a. Vadai b. Muruku c. Bhajji d. Samosa
Ans. Bhajji

(3000)Which Aquatic animal does not have thick skin in the outer layer of the body?
a. Octopus b. Crab c. Shell d. Prawn
Ans. Octopus

(5000)Which cereal is used in preparing puffed rice, while we are using at the time of ‘Ayutha pooja’?
a. Wheat b. Kelvaraku c. Kambu d. Rice
Ans. Rice

(10000)Which key is used to type big letters in keyboard ?
a. ctrl b. Esc c. Tab d. Shift
Ans. Shift

(40000)Fill in the ‘seer’ in the following Thirukkural Selvathul selvam—–selvam achelvam selvathul ellam thalai
a. Thirumathi b. Eluthu c. Sevi d. Kulanthai
Ans. Sevi

(80000)Which of these rivers does not originate from the Himalayas?
a. Ganga b. Brahmaputra c. Narmada d. Indus
Ans. Narmada

(160000)In which of these cities ,did Swami Vivekananda deliver his address at the parliament of regions?
a. Boston b. Chicago c. New York d. Washington DC
Ans. Chicago

(320000)What does Ambalam in the term Yaezhai chol ambalam yaeraadhu mean?
a. Kovil b. Needhimandram c. Kaaval Nilayam d. Oorsabhai
Ans. Oorsabhai

(640000)With whom did the TATA’s enter in to joint venture to launch a low cost airline in India I February 2013?
a. Virgin Atlantic b. Air Asia c. Tiger Airways d. Singapore Airlines
Ans. Air Asia

(FFF)Arrange the following words, to get Kantha sasti kavasam
a. Nokka b. Pavanar c. Saravana d. Sastiyay