NVOK 2013 – Episode 8 – Questions

Questions from NVOK 2013 – Episode 8 – March 21, 2012

(40000)Which of the following countries is also known as the ”Land of the Rising sun”?
a. Cambodia b. Japan c. Thailand d. Indonesia
Ans. Japan

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(1000)Which colour shirt is mentioned in the Kamal hasan’s film title?
a. Red shirt b. Green shirt c. Kaki shirt d. Yellow shirt
Ans. Kaki shirt

(2000)What is the famous cool drink in Madurai , it is also named as ‘Kulirntha Idhayam’ in Hindi?
a. Sweet Lassi b. Sarsaparilla c. Jikarthanda d. Rose milk
Ans. Jikarthanda

(3000)From the following, which one is from cat family?
a. Polar Bear b. Anil c. Onaai d. Tiger
Ans. Tiger

(5000)In the following, which one is not find in Digestive system?
a. Stomach b. Heart c. Food pipe d. Intestine
Ans. Heart

(10000)In which city ,Indian ,High court is situated?
a. New Delhi b. Mumbai c. Kolkata d. Bengaluru
Ans. New Delhi

(20000)Which of these is not a type of silk?
a. Eri b. Suplma c. Muga d. Tussar
Ans. Suplma

(40000)In celebrity Cricket League, what is the name of the team representing the Tamil film Industry?
a. Chennai Rhinos b. Chennai super kings c. Chennai Cheetahs d. Kollywood Kings
Ans. Chennai Rhinos

(80000)In Silappadikaram , which gem was Queen Kopperundevi’s anklet filled with?
a. Emerald b. Blue Sapphire c. Pearl d. Ruby
Ans. Pearl

(160000)According to Guinness world record’s which is the world’s richest Hindu temple?
a. Siddivinayak Mumbai b. Sri Padmanaba Temple Trivandram c. Thirumala Tirupathi Temple d. Meenakshi Temple madurai
Ans. Sri Padmanaba Temple Trivandram

(320000)As of jan 2013, what post does Rahul Gandhi hold in the Indian National Congress?
a. Thalaivar b. General Secretary c. Secretary d. Thunai Thalaivar
Ans. Thunai Thalaivar

(640000)The currency of which of these countries is not called’ Rupee ‘or’ Rupaya?’
a. Bangladesh b. Nepal c. Pakistan d. Srilanka
Ans. Bangladesh

(1250000)Who among these Tamil actors is the only one who has been directed by two National Award winning directors in tamil cinema?
a. Kamal Hassan b. Karthik c. Ajith kumar d. Aravind swamy
Ans. Karthik

(FFF)Arrange the following Hindu wedding rituals which comes first
a. Marriage b. Honey moon c. Penn parpathu d. Engagement