NVOK 2013 – Episode 6 – Questions

Questions from NVOK 2013 – Episode 6 – March 19, 2012

(160000)Who is the only president of India to have been elected twice to that office?
a. Rajendra Prasad b. V V Giri c. Radhakrishnan d. Giani Zail Singh
Ans. Rajendra Prasad

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(320000)Which of these elements is not named after a country?
a. Germanium b. Gallium c. Indium d. Polonium
Ans. Indium

(640000)In 1958, for which work did C.Rajagopalachari win a Kendra Sahitya Academy award?
a. Chakravathy Thirumagan b. Kaivilakku c. Viyasar Virunthu d. Thirumular Thavamozhi
Ans. Chakravathy Thirumagan

(1250000)As of January 2013, who is the only cricketer to score a triple century in test cricket in his team’s second innings?
a. Wally Hammond b. Michael Clarke c. Brian Lara d. Hanif Mohammad
Ans. Hanif Mohammad

(2500000)Which of these administrative divisions was the first to have its status changed from that of an UT to a state?
a. Tripura b. Arunachal Pradesh c. Himachal Pradesh d. Manipur
Ans. Himachal Pradesh

(FFF)Arrange these music swarams starting from the first
a. Ma b. Ri c. Sa d. Ka

(1000)Fill in the pazhamozhi. ‘____ ettinathi vaikku ettavillai”
a. Nakkukku b. Kaikku c. Thattukku d. Kannukku
Ans. Kaikku

(2000)Which of the following sweet names appears in the name of a film which Santhanam has acted in?
a. Palgova b. Laddu c. Alva d. Jangiri
Ans. Laddu

(3000)Which of these contains Haemoglobin?
a. Blood b. Tears c. Sweat d. Saliva
Ans. Blood

(5000)Who is the actor addressing his wife as “cure pondatti”?
a. Vishal b. Vijay c. Simbhu d. Vimal
Ans. Simbhu

(10000)Which is the country name prefixed to the breed of dog referred to as “shepherd”?
a. Germany b. America c. Italy d. Australia
Ans. Germany