NVOK 2013 – Episode 4 – Questions

Questions from NVOK 2013 – Episode 4 – March 14, 2012

(320000)Who was the Union minister of Youth Affairs and Sports in India , during the 2012 London Olympics?
a. Jitendra Singh b. MS Gill c. Ajay Maken d. Mani Shankar Aiyer
Ans. Ajay Maken

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(640000)Which dynasty overthrew the Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas and ruled most of South India between 3rd CE and 6th CE from Kaveripattinam?
a. Kalabhras b. Chalukya c. Pallava d. Kakatiya
Ans. Kalabhras

(FFF)Arrange these musicians based on their age starting with the eldest
a. Balamurai Krishna b. Thyagarajar c. MS Subalakshmi d. TM Krishna
Ans. Invalid Answer

(1000)Which of these lyricists has the name of a flower?
a. Vairamuthu b. Thamarai c. Vali d. P.Vijay
Ans. Thamarai

(2000)Which of these cities is also the name of a dog?
a. Rajapalayam b. Salem c. Kovai d. Ooty
Ans. Rajapalayam

(3000)(Kathal Oviyam)Identify the movie.
a. Sekappu Rojakal b. MooduPani c. Alaikal Oyvathillai d. Paneer Pushpangal
Ans. Alaikal Oyvathillai

(5000)Which part of the body is affected by ‘Gastric Ulcer’?
a. Bladder b. Heart c. Lungs d. Stomach
Ans. Stomach

(10000)How are agricultural areas classified as?
a. Kurunji b. Mullai c. Marutham d. Palai
Ans. Marutham

(20000)Which of these birds is also the name of a country in Europe?
a. Kiwi b. Parakeet c. Macaw d. Turkey
Ans. Turkey

(40000)Which of these titles is popularly used to address the wife of the President of the United States?
a. Second Lady b. Important Lady c. First lady d. Mrs.President
Ans. First lady