NVOK 2013 – Episode 3 – Questions

Questions from NVOK 2013 – Episode 3 – March 13, 2012

(1250000)Who was the first Chief minister of the Madras Presidency?
a. K Kamaraj b. A Subbarayalu Reddiar c. Rajah Muthiah Chettiar d. C Rajagopalachari
Ans. A Subbarayalu Reddiar

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(2500000)Which of these countries has the maximum number of colours on its National Flag?
a. nepal b. Sri Lanka c. Singapore d. Thailand
Ans. Sri Lanka

(FFF)Arrange the following states according to their area starting from the largest
a. Goa b. Rajasthan c. Tamil Nadu d. Kerala

(1000)Which of these phrases would complete the dialogue; ‘Epdi iruntha naan ___’
a. Ipdi Ayiten b. Apdiye Irunthen c. Ipdi Poyitten d. Annaikke Poyitten
Ans. Ipdi Ayiten

(2000)Which of the following is generally prepared by steaming?
a. Dosai b. vadai c. Puttu d. Upma
Ans. Puttu

(3000)Which of the following animals is a herbivore?
a. Tiger b. Lion c. Crocodile d. Elephant
Ans. Elephant

(5000)During the festival season in the south, which of these leaves are usually tied outside the house?
a. lemon b. Gooseberry c. Tamarind d. Mango
Ans. Mango

(20000)Who among the following players represents India in boxing?
a. Sania Mirza b. MC Mary Kom c. Saina Nehwal d. Anjali Bhagwat
Ans. MC Mary Kom

(40000)Which of these diseases affects the joints in the human body?
a. Glaucoma b. Osteoporosis c. Halitosis d. Arthiritis
Ans. Arthiritis

(80000)Which historical work is ‘Vanthiyethevan’ the principal protogonist of?
a. Ponniyin Selvan b. Vengaiyin Maindhan c. Kadal Pura d. Sivagamiyin Sabatham
Ans. Ponniyin Selvan

(160000)According to Mahabharata, which kingdom was gifted to Karna by Duryodhana?
a. Magadha b. Anga c. Sinhala d. Kosala
Ans. Anga