NVOK 2013 – Episode 2 – Questions

Questions from NVOK 2013 – Episode 2 – March 12, 2012

(80000)According to Hindu mythology, what name did Lord Muruga get because he was raised by six women?
a. Karthikeya b. Kumara c. Kanda d. Subramanya
Ans. Karthikeya

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(160000)Which hand signal is depicted on the current Indian one-rupee coin?
a. V or Victory Sign b. Raised Palm c. Thumbs Up d. Namaskaram
Ans. V or Victory Sign

(FFF)Arrange these leaders according to their year of birth starting from the earliest
a. M.Karunanidhi b. MGR c. C.Rajagopalachari d. CN. Annadurai

(1000)In the song ‘Nila Nila Odi Va’, which is the kind of flower requested from the moon?
a. Lotus b. Rose c. Hibiscus d. Jasmine
Ans. Jasmine

(2000)Which is the breathing organ for an elephant?
a. Tusk b. Tail c. Trunk d. Ear
Ans. Trunk

(3000)In Carrom , which colour coin is called as the queen according to the All India Carrom Federation?
a. Black b. Red c. White d. Blue
Ans. Red

(5000)identify the voice in the clip (Kannatha Mariatha)
a. S Janaki b. L R Easwari c. KS Chitra d. Sujatha
Ans. L R Easwari

(10000)Amongst the following education boards, which is controlled by Tamil Nadu Education board?
a. ICSE b. CBSE c. HSC d. GCSE
Ans. HSC

(20000)Which among these is a variety of rice?
a. Ponni b. Sukima c. Ahimsa d. Pashmina
Ans. Ponni

(40000)The female of which of these species hunts for human blood?
a. Bat b. Bee c. Tick d. Mosquito
Ans. Mosquito

(80000)What comes between the sun and the earth and causes a Solar Eclipse?
a. Venus b. International Space Station c. Comet d. Moon
Ans. Moon

(160000)In the film thiruvilayadal, which of these answers does Shiva give to Dharumi’s question ‘Saerndhey Iruppadhu…”
a. Pennidam Ragasiyam b. Edhugaiyam Moanaiyum c. Varumaiyum Pulmaiyum d. Arivum Panamum
Ans. Invalid Answer

(320000)Which of these railway stations is not present on the heritage Nilgiri Mettupalayam-Ootacamund rail route?
a. Lovedale b. Aravankadu c. Salem d. Ketti
Ans. Salem

(640000)Along with Ilayaraja, who composed the music for the film ‘mella Thiranthathu Kathavu’
a. Deva b. MS Viswanathan c. gangai Amaran d. AR Rahman
Ans. MS Viswanathan