NVOK 2013 – Episode 1 – Questions

Questions from NVOK 2013 – Episode 1 – March 11, 2012

(FFF)Arrange the following words to form the first line of a “purananuru” song
a. Oorey b. Yavarum c. Yathum d. Kayleer

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(1000)Pathinarum petru ____ vazhka’. Fill in the blank
a. Nimmathiyaka b. Peruvazhvu c. Amaithiyaka d. Vetriyudan
Ans. Peruvazhvu

(2000)Which of these games cannot be played inside a house?
a. Pallankuzhi b. Dhayam (Dice) c. Aadu Puli Aattam d. Kites
Ans. Kites

(3000)Rasthali is a variety of which of the following fruits?
a. mango b. Apple c. Banana d. Orange
Ans. Invalid Answer

(5000)Which of these devices is normally not used to store mails?
a. CD b. Hard Disk c. Key Board d. Memory Card
Ans. Key Board

(10000)identify the actor (Avar kaneer kadalile vizhamatar)
a. MGR b. SS Rajendran c. Mk Thyagaraja Bhagavathar d. Sivaji Ganesan
Ans. SS Rajendran

(20000)Which of these is a coastal district of Tamil Nadu?
a. Coimbatore b. Thoothukudi c. Salem d. Theni
Ans. Thoothukudi

(40000)Which of the following avatars of Lord Vishnu is in the form of a tortoise?
a. Matsya b. Koorma c. Varaha d. Kalki
Ans. Koorma

(FFF)Starting from the head , arrange these joints going down to the leg
a. Wrist b. Knee c. Ankle d. Shoulder

(1000)In which part of the body do women normally wear the ornament ‘Oddiyaanam’?
a. Wrist b. Leg c. Waist d. Neck
Ans. Waist

(2000)Which of these uses a fin to move around?
a. Monkey b. Fish c. Frog d. Crow
Ans. Fish

(3000)Identify the song (Panlama venama)
a. Poda Podi b. Kathal c. Manmathan d. Osthi
Ans. Poda Podi

(5000)Which zodiac sign has a lion as its symbol?
a. Cancer b. Aries c. Leo d. Taurus
Ans. Leo

(10000)In India, which of these departments issues the PAN Card?
a. Police Department b. Electricity Board c. Telephone Dept d. Income Tax Department
Ans. Income Tax Department

(20000)What does the E stand for in TANCET, which is conducted by Anna University?
a. Education b. Entrance c. Examination d. Evaluation
Ans. Entrance

(40000)What direction is to your right if you are facing the rising sun?
a. North b. East c. West d. South
Ans. South

(Gen)Which is the bank which issues the cheque in NVOK 2013?
a. federal Bank b. ICICI bank c. SBI d. HDFC Bank
Ans. federal Bank