Neengalum Vellalam Oru kodi NVOK 2012 registration questions and answers

Get all the registration questions from Neengalum Vellalum Oru Kodi 2012 (nvok 2012) here.
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Registration NVOK Season 2 Phase 2 Question 8
Coins of which denomination minted by the RBI is bi-metallic?
A)1 B)5 C)2 D)10
Ans: D

Registration NVOK Season 2 Phase 2 Question 8
In a Tamil Hindu wedding, the groom places the feet of his bride on
A) Ural B) Ammi C)Thambalam D) Anjaraipetti
Ans: B

Registration NVOK Season 2 Phase 2 Question 8
How many Indian states share a border with Tamil Nadu?
A)2 B) 4 C)3 D) 5
Ans: C

Registration NVOK Season 2 Phase 2 Question 7
Who is the director of the film ‘Paradesi’ which is about people in tea plantations?
A) Bala B)Suseendran C) AR Murugadoss D) Balaji Mohan
Ans: A

Registration NVOK Season 2 Phase 2 Question 6
How is late evening 8 O’clock, represented in the 24-hour clock format?
A) 20:00 B) 21:00 C) 19:00 D) 22:00
Ans: A

Registration NVOK Question 1 for Sun, 16th Dec’12. Lines open until Mon,17th Dec’12 1830 Hrs
In 2012 Olympics, in which sport did Saina Nehwal win a bronze?
A: Squash B: Tennis C: Badminton D: Table Tennis
Ans: C. Badminton

Registration NVOK Question 2 for Mon, 17th Dec’12. Lines open until Tues,18th Dec’12 1830 Hrs
In the year 2012, which anniversary was celebrated by the Tamil Nadu Assembly?
A: DIamond Jubilee B: Golden Jubilee C: Platinum Jubilee D: Silver Jubilee
Ans: A: Diamond Jubilee

Registration Question for Tues, 18th Dec’12. Lines open until Wed,19th Dec’12 1830 Hrs
Which of these diseases is not transmitted by mosquitos?
A: Dengue B:Hepatitis B C: Chickungunya D: Malaria
Ans: B:Hepatitis B

Registration Question 4. Lines open until Thu,20th Dec’12 1830 Hrs
Fill in the missing word in the kural, “Sevikku unavu ulatha pozuthu sirithu _____ eeyapadum”
A: Kannukkum B: Kaikkum C: Vaitrukkum D: Arivikkum
Ans: C: Vaitrukkum

Registration NVOK Question 5. Lines open until Fri,21st Dec’12 1830 Hrs
What was the name given to the storm responsible for the grounding of the tanker ship ‘Prathiba Cauvery’?
A: Sandy B: Thane C: Rita D: Nilam
Ans: D: Nilam

How to send the answer:
Send a SMS “NVOK ” to 57827 e.g. “NVOK C”.
if you have a BSNL landline or any other provider’s mobile connection, call the below numbers depending on the correct option.
Call 505782755 is the correct answer is option A.
Call 505782756 is the correct answer is option B.
Call 505782757 is the correct answer is option C.
Call 505782758 is the correct answer is option D.