NVOK 2012 – Episode 9

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 9

(1000)Complete the following Tamil Proverb “_______Bhoomi aalvaar”?
a. Aarasan b. Poruthar c. Petror d. Manidhar
Ans. Poruthar

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(2000)In the film “Kadhalikka Neramillai” to which character does “Actor Ramachandran” ask for a job?
a. Ramanathan b. Vanjinathan c. Shivanathan d. Viswanathan
Ans. Viswanathan

(3000)In which Business is the term “Undivided Share”(USD) used ?
a. Resturant b. Entertainment c. Real estate d. Retail
Ans. Real estate

(5000)What is an angle made by 2 hands of a clock when the time is “12 o’clock”?
a. 0 Degree b. 90 Degree c. 270 Degree d. 180 Degree
Ans. 0 Degree

(10000)In Carnatic music — “Tharuva, Apa, Jamba, Yeka, and Mathya” are related to?
a. Instrument b. Talam c. Swaram d. Madai
Ans. Talam

(20000)Which mountain range’s name translates to “abode of snow”
a. Satpura b. Aravalli c. Vindhya d. Himalayas
Ans. Himalayas

(40000)Which God has a name meaning ” Killer of the demon Madhu”
a. Ganeshan b. Raman c. Krishnan d. Indra
Ans. Krishnan

(80000)Which Sultan of Delhi shares his name with a play written by Cho Ramaswamy?
a. Aurangzeb b. Ibrahim Lodi c. Muhammed Bin Tughlaq d. Muhammed Ghori
Ans. Muhammed Bin Tughlaq

(1,60,000)From which Constituenly was C.Karuppaswamy, Who died in October 2011, elected to the Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly in the 2011 State Assembly election?
a. Kovilpatti b. Sankarankovil c. Palayamkotti d. Thirunelveli
Ans. Sankarankovil

(3,20,000)Who was the second cricketer to score 13,000 runs in test cricket?
a. Ricky Ponting b. Saurav Ganguly c. Rahul Dravid d. Jacques Kallis
Ans. Rahul Dravid

(6,40,000)In October 1952, in which city did Potti Sriramulu begin his fast unto death for the cause of creating a seperate for Andra?
a. Thirupati b. Madras c. Hyderabad d. Vellore
Ans. Madras

(12,50,000)Who received the Railway Minister’s Award for restoring the Pamban Railway Bridge after it was destoryed by a tidal wave in 1963?
a. M.Visvesvaraya b. E Sreedharan c. Anand Swarup d. AN Khosla
Ans. E Sreedharan

(25,00,000)Which was the first Tamil film to be submitted by India in contest for the Academy Award(OSCAR) for the best Foreign Language film?
a. Thanga Padhakkam b. Gauravam c. Andha Naal d. Deiva Magan
Ans. Deiva Magan

FFF. Arrange the following Tamil months starting from Cittirai?
A: Aippaci B. Aani C.Aadi D.Markazhi